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The Total Business Benefits of Barcode Scanning Software

Published on: Oct 27, 2015

Most organizations implement barcode scanning software to solve a particular problem they are experiencing in the area of inventory management. Whether it be a large number of inventory inaccuracies, time-wasting activities, or high inventory costs that they are experiencing, barcode scanning software offers a solution to the problem at hand. What many companies do not realize, however, is that the benefits of barcode scanning software applications extend far beyond the warehouse or distribution center.

Barcode Scanning Software Extends Beyond the Warehouse into the Office

A good inventory management solution with barcode scanning capabilities will serve your entire business, not just a segment of it. Let’s take a look at some of the areas that are positively impacted when you make the decision to invest in and implement barcode scanning software:

  • First and Foremost: The Warehouse
    Knowing how much inventory you have on hand is crucial to the success of your operation. If you are relying on manual methods for inventory counting, tracking or picking and packing, the process can become extremely cumbersome and inaccuracies can abound. Barcode scanning software not only automates the process and allows you to see real-time inventory data, but it also eliminates inaccuracies that can cause problems further down the road.With the intelligence provided from barcode scanning software, managers can make more informed decisions at every level of the order fulfillment process. Barcoding also provides companies with real-time inventory tracking, giving companies a good idea of where their products are located throughout the process. This not only prevents confusion during order fulfillment, but it also serves to secure your inventory stock and prevent theft from occurring within the organization.
  • The Purchasing Department
    When you implement barcode scanning software, the purchasing department gains real-time information regarding stock levels. This allows them to make more informed decisions regarding inventory purchasing and replenishment. When your purchasing department knows exactly how much to order and when to order it, they help reduce the occurrence of overstock and understock situations.
  • The Customer Service Department
    When any part of the order fulfillment process is automated, customers benefit. Manual processes are often time-consuming and can result in complications when fulfilling certain orders. Barcode scanning software eliminates the time constraints related to manual processes and automates the picking and packing process, which in turn means orders are shipped more quickly and with a higher level of accuracy than through manual methods.Customer service representatives also receive the benefit of having real-time inventory and order data. When customers call to inquire about the status of an order or the availability of a certain item, the information can be found quickly and easily. This, in turn, keeps customers happy and increases the chances of retaining them in the future.
  • The Accounting Department
    Barcode scanning software can be fully integrated with your company’s ERP system, allowing your accounting department to automatically track our entries. As a result, the accounting team can create more timely invoices and help your company get paid faster.

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