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What makes a company best-in-class? Have you ever wondered how your business systems compare to those of top organizations? An Aberdeen study defines best practices for wholesalers and distributors in their ERP Benchmark survey. The research compares practices of high-performing companies to their peers. Aberdeen found some clear differences in their business practices. The majority of wholesalers and distributors use an ERP system to drive their business operations. Distributors turn to enterprise software solutions in their business systems for three key reasons: to manage growth expectations, to improve decision making, and to reduce costs. These motivations were identified in the Aberdeen study: Need to manage growth expectations (41%) Delays in decision-making from lack of timely information (35%) Must reduce costs (32%) Interoperability issues across multiple operating locations (27%) Interoperability issues with customers and suppliers (27%) A growth strategy requires process automation. As distributors add new locations, more countries, and new customers, they are finding that communication and workflow across functions has become increasingly disorganized.  Automating processes in their business systems is a critical step in keeping costs under control and managing change. Enterprise Software Strategies to Manage Growth An ERP is an important part of any growth strategy. Enterprise software does more […]

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