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Three Surprising Ways to Achieve More with Sage ERP X3

Published on: Apr 26, 2017

Sage ERP X3You can get even more benefits from Sage X3 when you understand and apply these tips, tricks, and hacks to the system. Sage X3 offers a powerful set of data management, financial reporting and analysis, supply chain management, and warehouse management tools for complex manufacturing environments. The more time-saving benefits you can derive from your use of Sage X3, the more your business will profit.

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Three Tips to Get More from Sage X3 and Run a Smooth Implementation

Sage X3 offers an essential business planning and financial management tool that’s especially helpful for manufacturers. You can get even more benefits from using Sage X3 with these tips.

  1. Create a team of champions: Some companies make the mistake of assigning the management of a new ERP system to the IT director and leave it at that. Winners create a team of champions—leaders from each department who can learn the nuances of the new system and share the excitement with others. Create your own internal team of champions by asking for volunteers from each department to become Sage X3 experts. This team can then field questions, train others, and handle any issues pertaining to the system. They can set guidelines about system access, use, and data management, and update everyone on new developments with Sage X3 products. Create your own team of champions for a winning result.
  2. Define timelines and workflow processes: The team of champions, along with managers and leaders in the company, should collaborate to define a strategic timeline. Without a set timeline, projects tend to be relegated to the back burner in lieu of other more pressing demands. Ascribing a timeline ensures that milestones and deadlines are on everyone’s radar. Additionally, workflow processes must also be defined. The team should define necessary processes and train your staff on how to follow processes for maximum impact and efficiency.
  3. Run tests and trials: Before implementing an entire ERP strategy, build and test the system thoroughly. Do a trial run with every workflow process to make sure you haven’t omitted steps and that the process runs smoothly. Without testing, you may roll out a system that has hiccups and glitches.

The Importance of an ROI Forecast

Another way to benefit from your new Sage X3 system is to work with your accounting and financial departments to build ROI forecasts. With Sage X3, you have more data available quickly and easily. Your accounting and finance teams can devise ROI targets that can now be measured in your ERP system. With their help, you can build benchmarks for profitability in the new system that will help everyone get the big picture of your company’s success.

Find What Works for Your Business

Although Sage X3 offers exceptional tools for growth and profitability, companies must devise their own method of using the system. A food manufacturer is going to need different data and reports than a construction company, for example.

Sage X3 provides a flexible approach to data management and other tasks that enable you to devise your own ways of maximizing the system’s strengths. With some of the complimentary modules now available to users such as Sage Geode, Sage Construction, and others, you can find what works best for your industry, company, and customers.

Take a Virtual Tour

If you’re not familiar with Sage X3, or you’re thinking of switching software, take a free virtual tour. IWI Consulting Group provides a free, no-obligation virtual tour. We’ll share the features and benefits of Sage X3 with you through our download.

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