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Three Core Ways to Enhance Your Non-Profit Management

Published on: Dec 28, 2018

Non-profits by their very nature face specialized issues and circumstances that require mission-focused management and strong teambuilding. Utilizing the help of enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can help immensely with the nitty-gritty of operations, financial management, human resources, donations, and more. While running a successful non-profit or non-governmental organization takes a wide variety of skills and competencies, there are a few core areas to strengthen to form a solid base on which to build.

At IWI Consulting Group, we assist non-profits and businesses with adopting and tailoring an ERP system to improve their efficiency, productivity, and integrate all areas of their operations. As a Sage Business Partner, we can provide Sage 300cloud support in Toronto and help with a whole range of other Sage software solutions for small- and medium-sized companies. Our core areas of focus are ERP, customer relationship management (CRM), and human resources management systems (HRMS), plus IT networking assistance.

We’re invested in the success of your non-profit and management strategies. The following three areas of focus will help you bolster your organizational cohesion, focus, managing capabilities, and more.

1. Know Your Mission

Most businesses have at least a general idea of their values and the messaging they want to put out into the world with their product or service. For a non-profit, having a clear, strong, and focused mission is pivotal. Your goal is to bring others on board and support your vision in multiple ways, and if your mission, philosophy, or values are unclear, it could drive potential donors and supporters away.

Clarity is key when defining a mission and a mission statement. It will take a while to properly develop clear messaging. Developing these ideas should involve the contributions of multiple team members and workshop. The writing should undergo drafts and revisions. It might help to hire a freelance writer to edit the final copy. With a charitable mission it can be difficult to whittle the ideas down, but try to avoid including too many statements. Instead, multiple goals can spring forth from a primary mission that is simple yet powerful.

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2. Grow and Benefit from a Strong Team

If supporters and donors are a non-profit’s lifeblood, its employees and volunteers are its bodies. Your managers and team members need to live your mission at work and in their personal lives. Look for skilled people who are also passionate about what you do. Hire people who flow with your mission and have the need for it to succeed and don’t simply want the employment.

Building and maintaining a strong and healthy team requires respect and loyalty. This means providing adequate pay that meets the cost of living, providing benefits and perks, and more. Non-profits don’t have huge budgets and can’t compete with some of the salaries that corporations can provide; however, if the pay is satisfactory, employees can do work they care about, and there are many non-financial benefits, the right people will help you form a strong team.

3. Utilize an ERP System

In order to focus on your mission, teambuilding, and carrying out day-to-day operations, it helps immensely to have a digital support system that can integrate it all. Collecting, analyzing, and using data is essential and eliminates guesswork. With a cloud-based ERP system, real-time data is available to all teams from anywhere. And with Sage 300 cloud storage options your non-profit can be confident your information is secure and backed up.

To learn more about ERP solutions, contact experienced Sage Enterprise Management consultants and network solution providers: IWI Consulting Group. We can help you adapt and adopt a solution that fits your mission and team to reach your organizational goals.