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Surprising Benefits Derived from Sage X3 Business Intelligence

Published on: Oct 12, 2016

Sage Enterprise IntelligenceMany business owners seek a competitive advantage through better business intelligence. Business intelligence solutions, such as Sage Enterprise Intelligence can provide you with big-picture data of your organization’s performance. Such data enhances your ability to make timely, accurate, and judicious decisions.

These decisions aren’t limited to the big picture, however. Every portion of your business, from the warehouse floor to the manufacturing area, benefits. The more data your managers have, the better they can do their jobs.

There are many surprising benefits to be derived from the implementation of new business intelligence solutions. Sage commissioned Forrester Research to analyze data from a representative sample of companies on their implementation of Sage X3. The resulting analysis showed abundant benefits and cost-savings. Some, however, were surprising.

Three Surprising Benefits from the Implementation of Sage X3 and Enterprise Intelligence

There are dozens of benefits your company gains from implementing business intelligence solutions. But three surprising areas include:

  • Automating compliance
  • Improving processes
  • Enhancing availability of data.

Automating compliance: Many companies have stringent approval processes over items such as discounts, price breaks, returns, and other areas that directly impact the bottom line. Workers, however, find themselves chasing down managers for approvals, sending myriad reminder emails, or making countless telephone calls to get orders and discounts approved in a timely manner. With Sage X3 automated alerts and messages, information alerts can be set up to remind managers that approvals are waiting in the queue. Instead of wasting time chasing down a manager, the system does it for you, speeding up the process and freeing the employee’s time for other tasks.

Improving processes: Business intelligence solutions can also be used to improve existing processes. One company that participated in the Forrester Research study found significant benefits from improving their sales processes using Sage X3. This company offered varying discounts, many of which had to approved locally or specifically when requested by a sales team member. By automating the process and providing a standardized discount structure from which the sales people could choose, the system eliminated the tedious approval process by providing structured, pre-approved choices to choose among for each sale. This process improvement saved considerable time for the sales people and improved customer service throughout the organization by speeding up the entire order process for the customers.

Enhanced data availability: Prior to automation, many companies kept important information such as copies of purchase orders or receipts in a central office. Field staff trying to check on a problem with a customer order or even just looking up the customer’s order history had to call the central office to have someone there look up the information. If the information was kept in hard copy only, that may mean a delay while someone tracked down the location of the documents. Today’s cloud-based business intelligence solutions retain this and other relevant information on the database itself. Because they are cloud-based, the sales team can access them using their mobile devices, tablets or laptops. It’s much easier to communicate, share, and retrieve data through business intelligence solutions.

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