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Sage X3 Now Sage Enterprise Management – New Features

Published on: Aug 08, 2018

Sage Enterprise ManagementSage X3 is now called Sage Enterprise Management but the product you’ve known and loved offers more than a name change. Now, Sage X3 offers exceptional new features that are making businesses across Canada fall in love with Sage products all over again.

What’s New in Sage X3?

Sage X3 offers a robust suite of applications to manage your business on a global scale. Financial management, supply chain management, production management, and cloud and mobile features all come together into one application that scales with your business for future growth and development.

The latest updates to Sage X3 offer:

  • Faster process cycle time, faster inventory turns, faster customer response time, faster insights into costs and performance.
  • Better management of distributed operations and simpler IT management.
  • Greater flexibility, including customization, configuration and deployment options, in the cloud or on premises.

Improvements Over Sage X3 in Production Management Capabilities

There are noticeable improvements over previous versions (Sage X3) in the area of production management. For example, in the new Sage X3 system, you can manage all aspects of production from the initial quote to billing all from one dashboard. Optimize production cycles and lead times, manage the supply chain, and improve productivity.

Automated Bank Statements

Another added feature in the production management capabilities in Sage X3 is the new automated bank statements feature. This feature automatically generates transactions that match open items or unbalanced operations when importing bank statement. It’s a great time saver for a business accounting office.

Supply Chain Management Improvements

The supply chain management features also received some improvements in the new Sage X3 system. Now, you can build or customize an existing website within days. Make it as big and comprehensive as you want it to be! You can manage catalogs, inventory, pricing, customer information and transactions through X3’s core supply chain management processes. It’s easy and convenient.

Better CRM and Excel Integration

Sage X3 now offers enhanced Salesforce CRM integration. This enables you to work with customer data across both Sage and Salesforce with ease, viewing records, sending information, and more. The new X3 connector enables you to view and display Salesforce data in one console so you’re no longer toggling back and forth between systems.

Another bonus is enhanced Excel-based reporting capabilities. These intuitive reports make it easy for you to automate individual, team, and other reports. For companies still using Excel-type spreadsheets for reports, Sage X3 enables you to do so with ease and minimal manual intervention.

Sage X3: Improved Software for Today’s Business Needs

Sage Business Cloud X3 provides you with a great suite of tools for your business needs. Improved financial and accounting tools, enhanced integrations, and much more make it a flexible solution for mid-sized businesses.

What if you don’t need all these functions right out of the box? Use what you need and leave the rest for the day when your company grows and requires them. With cloud-based software, you can easily add to your existing suite without any costly hardware or software upgrades. Sage X3 provides you with all the tools you need to manage your business as it grows.

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