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Sage X3 Enhances Transparency and Visibility in Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Published on: Jul 19, 2017

Sage X3Transparency, visibility, accuracy, and accountability are all the new watchwords in the food and beverage manufacturing industries. Sage X3, a business management system, is a software tool that offers manufacturers the information they need to successfully compete in the global market.

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Global Supply Chain Challenges Solved

The food and beverage industry has become increasingly globalized over the past several years. Product ingredients may include wheat from Manitoba, preservatives manufactured in the United States, spices grown and dried in India, and packaging components from Europe. All of this makes tracking supply chain inputs and visibility into your supply chain vital.

If one link in the chain must be tracked to its source, you need immediate access to the data in your system. Disparate systems or logs kept in spreadsheets can take too long to review manually and can be difficult to cross-reference.

An enterprise resource planning system such as Sage X3 brings all data into one business management system so you can query the database and receive accurate answers. You’ll know if Supplier A provided the food dye or Supplier B, whether Contractor G made the packaging or Contractor H. It’s all easily accessed in the system. In the event of a recall or a problem, you can see at a glance which vendor you need to contact.

Meet Compliance Regulations

Understanding food and beverage manufacturing compliance regulations is vital for your business and it’s likely that you’ve got a good handle on it already. However, it can be challenging to keep up with changing regulations. You must educate your staff, your vendors, and your customers.

A business management system can help you disseminate information more quickly to those who need it. Keeping appropriate information ready to share with regulators, consumers, and others is an important step in the compliance process. Enterprise resource planning systems can help you track, control, and monitor information with the goal of meeting regulations.

Improved Sales Forecasting

One of the major challenges facing the food and beverage industry is sales forecasting. Inaccurate forecasting can lead to wasteful spending and deficits that are difficult to close. Reducing costs, minimizing wastes, and keeping inventory to a minimum are the goals of many manufacturers.

Sage X3 brings together all of the discrete systems in your company so that you can access a comprehensive picture. When financial and sales data are included with production and shipping information, you can make more accurate forecasts about sales, expenses, and more. All of this leads to less waste and improved profits.

Sage X3: Food and Beverage Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning

Sage X3 offers your company comprehensive business planning with specific functions pertaining to the food and beverage industry. For example, you can manage recipe formulations in the enterprise resource planning system by lot, batch, or discrete quantities. It’s easier to monitor shelf-life using an ERP system. Systems such as Sage X3 also support flexible measurement and packaging capabilities, so you have the option of changing your product offers based on needs. This quick response to customer demands can set you apart from others in your industry.

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