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Sage Software Helps Logistics and Accounting Work Together

Published on: Mar 07, 2018

Sage softwareRunning a small business can feel overwhelming at times. Business owners wear many hats: accounting, financial, product management, sales, customer service, warehouse, logistics. Even if you have a strong support staff, the final decisions about the direction in which your business is headed rests with you.

Accounting may be the back-office folks while logistics is on the front line but both have to work together to support the overarching business goals. Without the teamwork in place to achieve common goals, you’ll end up wasting precious time and energy. Instead, shared software can help you achieve a common framework.

Fortunately, Sage software products such as Sage Business Cloud Financials can take some of this burden off your shoulders. Ensuring that accounting and logistics are in sync is a big step in the right direction.

Accounting and Logistics: Are You on Speaking Terms?

There are aspects of accounting and logistics that, if they aren’t in harmony, can seriously curtail business. If your company ships tangible goods rather than performing a service, proper handling of its logistics is essential.

Problems arise when accounting and logistics aren’t in sync. For example:

  • Shipping fees are too high: According to a UPS survey, 79% of the survey’s respondents said that shipping fees influenced their decision to purchase from a vendor. Logistics may offer insight into methods of getting shipping costs down but accounting must be responsive to the changes and adjust invoicing and other factors accordingly. If they aren’t in sync, customers can still get overcharged or you can drive away business with high shipping fees.
  • Late payments: Late payments can cause a small or mid-sized business to fail. Yet, many companies suffer from cash flow issues because payments are late, slow, or missed. Why do some customers withhold payments? Look to your shipping department to see how quickly items are shipping out of the warehouse If they are slow to ship, or if orders are incomplete or damaged due to poor packaging, customers may not pay quickly which can lead to lead payments.
  • Thinking too small: Accounting may be pushing for more customers and higher sales. Logistics balks, saying it can’t be done. Who is right? Both. Logistics need to be able to handle global shipping to help reach more customers. Without increasing your company’s reach into additional markets, you may be thinking too small. Think beyond your country’s borders to help expand and grow your business.

Is your accounting department in sync with your logistics department? They needn’t be so far apart that they aren’t on speaking terms. Help them understand the impact that each has on the overall business, and you’ll see enhanced cooperation and better interactions.

Sage Business Cloud: A New Strategy for Better Business

Sage Business Cloud offers your company a new approach to managing its operations. With Sage Business Cloud, all the software you need to run your manufacturing company is in one comprehensive cloud-based package. Accounting, financials, reporting, CRM and more are available at your fingertips.

With enhanced information and reporting, you’ll be able to manage both logistics and accounting better. Tighten control over your finances and make smarter, better decisions based on accurate and real-time data.

Cloud-based software offers numerous advantages. It’s more cost effective, safer, and offers better flexibility to scale up or down according to your business needs. Explore Sage Business Cloud and other fine Sage software products for your Canadian business with IWI Consulting Group.

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