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Sage Enterprise Intelligence Unlocks Business Opportunities for Manufacturers

Published on: Jun 29, 2016

The right business intelligence software can unlock opportunities for manufacturers. Sage X3 with Sage Enterprise Intelligence can help you collect and share business insights that drive decision-making.

Opportunities Are All Around

We often feel locked into our typical methods of conducting business simply because we’re focused on the daily needs of our companies. Manufacturers are especially keyed into daily sales quotas, supply chain demands, shipment needs, and so forth. It’s hard to take a step back and look at the big picture.

Business intelligence software like Sage Enterprise Intelligence can change that paradigm. Using the data generated by different points within your company, Sage Enterprise Intelligence can share the data and help you make predictions about where to expand your company, how to grow it beyond current capacities, how to leverage customer relationships, and more.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence can’t, by itself, make your business more responsive and profitable, but the right business intelligence software puts the right tools into the hands of your key team players. They can then use those tools to grow your company bigger and faster. Real-time data, provided to people with the experience, insight, and ability to use it to make decisions, can change how your business performs.

Business Insights Worth the Investment

A new white paper from Sage indicates that manufacturers truly value business insights. Among those surveyed, 100 percent agreed that their investment into business intelligence software saw improvement as a result of those investments. Many cited the information gleaned from business intelligence software as the change that helped them exceed revenue goals.

Typical business insights that you can gain from software such as Sage Enterprise Intelligence with Sage X3 include:

  • Real-time updates at every stage of the supply chain so that manufacturers can make informed decisions.
  • Insights into customer relationships, so you can grow and expand your customer base from the knowledge gleaned about your existing customers.
  • Better information on shipments, orders, fulfillment, and returns so you can plan and forecast more effectively.

The right data can help you make better business decisions. With better insight, you can forecast new markets, improve sales in existing markets, predict trends, and plan on manufacturing new products. It’s amazing how accurate and timely data can transform your business.

Not only can the right data transform current manufacturing processes, it can also improve forecasting. Forecasting is part art and part science, but it always relies on having an accurate picture of past and current performance. With such data, your management team can improve their forecasting ability, leading to lower costs and greater profits.

Businesses Grow Through People

It’s not just the data that are important. It’s the people using the data who are key to building a better business.

Good data must lead to actionable insights or else it’s irrelevant to your business. You want data that are accessible by all, but data that can be used by anyone who needs it. Insights, reports, and data visualization tools can all make data more useful to the end users in your company, the ones who need it the most.

Ready to Grow Your Business? Learn More

IWI Consulting helps businesses select and implement new business intelligence systems that provide actionable, real time data. With good data, your business can grow. Learn how other manufacturers are using Sage Enterprise Intelligence, Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3), Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300) and other software for business intelligence, planning and more.

The whitepaper, entitled, Efficiency, Alignment, and Insight: Using Technology to Drive Manufacturing Improvements provides you with more information on how other manufactures are using such software to grow their businesses.

IWI Consulting can help your manufacturing business grow through solutions such as Sage Enterprise Intelligence, Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3), Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300) and others. These solutions provide powerful data services to help you better manage processes, people and resources for productivity.

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