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Sage CRM Offers Various Integration Capabilities

Published on: Apr 21, 2015

Sage CRM CapabilitiesIn order to achieve success in integrating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software with business processes to ensure that customer data is delivered to users of it across an entire enterprise, three fundamental elements need to be in place. To learn more about these fundamentals of integration, visit here.

Now that we know the fundamentals, let’s dive in to the capabilities achieved by Sage CRM when integrated with other Sage ERP products. If a business in the Greater Toronto Area or beyond has Sage ERP products, they can quickly and cost effectively leverage their data to both front- and back-office environments. Here are the capabilities of Sage CRM’s integration with Sage ERP that is directly linked to the three fundamentals of integration:

Front-to-Back Office Data Consistency

From its out-of-the-box state, Sage ERP can integrate with Sage CRM. This leads to bidirectional synchronization of customer information, both financial and nonfinancial, between the Sage ERP front office and back office environments. This ensures that information is captured once at the source and then automatically shared to all relevant fields throughout the Sage ERP environments without having to wait for it to be rekeyed and revalidated. This allows updated customer data to be available at all times. In addition, accurate pricing and inventory information are also available at all times.

Unified and Complete View of the Customer

Sage CRM enables employees to discover and share more meaningful customer insight by combining CRM and ERP information together. This provides an ERP-empowered CRM user experience with customer transaction information delivered through the native CRM user interface. It, in turn, also allows ERP-based customer data to be surfaced within dashboards, reports, and tabs, and used within groups, lists, and workflow automation. With true customer visibility, there are great benefits. This allows sales teams to maximize revenue potential through the identification of opportunities within the customer base. Sales representatives can book orders correctly the first time with correct account and pricing information available to them. Customer service representatives can address customer questions with confidence by having the data they need. Finally, marketing managers can calculate accurate return-on-investment based on actual revenue yield.

Facilitating “Straight-Through” Processing

The entire customer lifecycle is managed seamlessly across all interaction and transaction types with out-of-the-box integration between Sage CRM and Sage ERP. The quotes and orders functionality in Sage CRM bridges the process automation capabilities of Sage ERP. As a result, manual intervention is unnecessary with automatic order generation in the ERP system. Real-time inventory information ensures orders are fulfilled on a timely basis and meet expectations of customers. Delays and errors are eliminated because an order created in Sage CRM is automatically generated in the ERP system as well and is processed immediately.

Sage CRM is achieving integration. To understand all that encompasses this robust solution, visit here. To learn more about integration capabilities within Sage CRM, download our whitepaper “Sage ERP Front-to-Back Office Integration”. Stay tuned next week as we summarize a comprehensive view of CRM’s benefits, challenges, fundamentals, capabilities, and more.


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