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Sage CRM 7.3: An Upgraded Client Relationship Management Experience

Published on: Jul 27, 2015

Over the past month we have been discussing the benefits of using client relationship management (CRM) software to improve client relationships and streamline sales, marketing, and customer service processes. From accurate sales forecasting to providing companies with a complete sales order history, CRM software adds value to the organization in practically every area. As we discussed last week, even ERP software is strengthened by an effective client relationship management solution!

Earlier this year, Sage Software released the latest version of Sage CRM, Version 7.3. This new edition features several new features and enhancements, including a new suite of business accelerators for sales, email marketing integration, and mobile options. This upgrade extends the capabilities of Sage CRM, allowing businesses to further improve their client relationships and more effectively meet sales goals. By addressing the key business challenges busy sales departments face every day, Sage has created a client relationship management system built to last. Take a look at some of the most noteworthy enhancements:

Client Relationship Management with a New, Contemporary Look

Sage has improved user experience by giving Sage CRM a modern facelift. New navigation options and the new UI theme make navigating the software more intuitive and easier than ever before.

Business Accelerators for Sales Growth

Sage CRM 7.3 introduces a new suite of Business Accelerators for Sales. This new suite offers comprehensive sales-oriented data and insight, built-in alerts, dashboards, sales workflows, KPIs and new sales performance charts to provide businesses with more insight so they can make better decisions. Software users now have access to:

  • Alternative quick sale workflow to suit shorter sales processes
  • New KPI charts to help identify and measure the organization’s success in meeting sales performance goals
  • New sales dashboards that display a wide range of charts and reports for better insight and trend analysis
  • A number of preconfigured alerts and notifications to ensure managers receive real time updates on business KPIs as they happen

MailChimp Email Marketing Integration

Sage CRM users now have more choices for their email marketing needs. Version 7.3 includes integration with MailChimp, allowing users to easily create, send and track email campaigns for free (up to a list of 2,000 subscribers).

Improved Mobile CRM Experience

The final, and perhaps most exciting, enhancement made to Sage CRM 7.3 is the improved mobile experience. The mobile solution has been updated to include one optimized mobile experience for all modern devices, allowing businesses to access important CRM data anytime, anywhere and on any device. Improvements have also been made to the Sage CRM app for iPhone.

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