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How Sage 300cloud Adds Revenue and Reduces Costs

Published on: Nov 30, 2016

Sage 300 ERPSystems such as Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300) help your business grow its revenues while decreasing costs. If that seems too good to be true, then you may wish to download and read the new free whitepaper from IWI Consulting. Customer-Centric ERP: Integrated Systems for Satisfied Customers is available at no charge to help demystify the concept of customer-centric enterprise resource planning and to help you consider the many benefits to your business.

In this paper, researchers at the Aberdeen Group discovered that ‘best in class’ companies who use ERP systems and focus on a customer-centric model increased their revenues and decreased costs. They were also able to decrease time to order and improve customer satisfaction overall.

Increasing Revenues

ERP systems can improve revenues by enhancing worker productivity. Complete and on-time delivery increased substantially in companies using integrated ERP systems. Companies that used a customer-centric ERP solution increased profits 27% compared to similar companies in their industry who increased profits an average of 7%.

Increased Sales

Where did these revenues come from? Sales to new customers increased as did the upsells and cross-sells to existing customers. The enhanced communication found within the ERP system prevented the sales team from making embarrassing mistakes, such as trying to sell to an angry or dissatisfied customer, while enhancing their ability to make product suggestions that led to upsells or cross-sells. All of this translated into additional revenue for the company.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Customer-centric ERP can also be used to enhance customer service and satisfaction. Since information is now gathered into one centralized place, customers no longer must chase down a specific employee who holds the answer to their question. All employees can answer the question using the same source data, making sure that customers receive a consistent answer no matter who they talk to within the organization.

Orders can also be fulfilled more quickly. When all the pieces of the data puzzle are in place, employees can clearly and easily see where orders are in the fulfillment pipeline. Problems can be identified and addressed before they turn into significant delays. Time from order to delivery can be cut down, making customers happier and companies more profitable.

Reduced Costs

Additional revenue will only take a company so far if costs aren’t contained. The new ERP system helped companies reduce time spent on task, or time spent searching for information. Standardized order processing also helped reduce data entry costs, which in turn lowered labor costs. These savings translated into greater net revenue for companies with customer-centric ERP models.

Features and Benefits of Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300)

Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300) is a comprehensive business management solution that will help you achieve your goal of a customer-centric organization. It’s flexible, so it grows as your company grows, helping you to meet revenue goals, keep costs low, and provide maximum benefit to your customers.

Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300) helps you manage financial and accounting assets throughout your company in one easily accessed place. It is a complete end-to-end financial management tool that provides you with the data that you need for greater insight and clarity into your business operations. You can identify potential issues earlier and make timely adjustments.

Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300) can:

  • Reduce time-consuming manual tasks.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Empower staff with knowledge and information.
  • Accelerate business processes and workflows.
  • Grow your business with confidence upon a reliable platform.

The Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300) Enterprise Suite offers world-class ERP that your business can benefit from immediately. Whether you are looking to improve, expand, or manage your business with greater efficiency, Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300) can help.

Customer-centric ERP is a new and better way to manage your accounts using enterprise resource planning software. To learn more, download the free white paper Customer-Centric ERP: Integrated Systems for Satisfied Customers from IWI Consulting Group.

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