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Flexible Reporting for Your Enterprise Software Made Easy

Published on: Feb 24, 2016

A treasure trove of data is available in your enterprise software. Do you know how to access it? If you get reports now, do they provide the data you truly want and need to make intelligent business decisions?

It can be hard to get information from multiple sources, and even harder to consolidate this information into meaningful reports. The inability to customize standard reports is another challenge because it can, in some cases, require expertise in code in order to achieve the desired reports. This leaves managers and executives left feeling like they must settle for whichever reports they can get. Thankfully, flexibility in reporting is possible and easier than you might think to achieve.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence offers flexibility by empowering users to easily manipulate and distribute necessary information on demand.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence offers the flexibility your company needs to get meaningful reports. Instead of requiring intensive time and expertise to build the reports, all staff members have access to simple tools to collect, manipulate, and distribute reports quickly and easily. To take it a step further, Sage Enterprise Intelligence also enables users to drag and drop financial formulas from financial reporting software right into reports.

Business intelligence makes things so easy that graphical tools allow you to model any reporting structure you wish you to use, and you can also switch views to different parts of your organization. Data visualization tools include gauges, maps, and charts. It’s easy to set up key performance indicators (KPIs) and personalized dashboards so you can view the data that is meaningful to you on a regular basis.

With a few clicks, executives and managers are given the ability to control which financial data and information is made available and which is to remain private. Permissions can be established so the selected data can be accessed only by the stakeholders that are chosen to have this ability.

What are some of the financial reporting challenges addressed by Sage business software and intelligent reporting?

  • Departmental reporting
  • General ledger segmentation
  • Project reporting
  • Supply chain performance
  • Quality issue resolution
  • Detailed transactions

It’s not only easy, it is also fast. Reporting is quicker and easier than ever by allowing your business the ability to create multiyear and multi-budget financial reports with the required level of detail. It is even possible for financial values to be pre-calculated from the General Ledger and dynamically provided to reports in other programs. Drill-down and drill-up capabilities allow you to see the level of information you need.

Leverage the treasure trove of data in your enterprise software.

Is it time for your business to have the ability to leverage ready-to-use reports or build fully customized reports to meet your unique requirements? Do you want to have power and flexibility to analyze data in familiar business applications? It is possible to achieve the flexibility of reporting you need and desire with business intelligence solutions. Learn more about Sage Enterprise Intelligence here.

Contact us at IWI to learn more about moving from inflexibility to flexibility and from having limited report access to being able to create whatever reports you need. We would be happy to help! We specialize in helping Canadian businesses and non-profits use enterprise software to improve efficiency and growth. Business intelligence is just one piece of our comprehensive suite of solutions. Sage Enterprise Intelligence seamlessly interfaces with Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300) and Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3), affordable enterprise resource planning systems that streamline your business processes.

If you would like more information about how business intelligence can change your business, download our whitepaper now. In this whitepaper, Better Visibility, Extraordinary Decision Support, you will learn four keys to greater visibility and better business decisions.