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What You Need to Know before You Implement Mobile Enterprise Software

Published on: Sep 09, 2015

Last week we discussed all the ways mobile enterprise software can help your business gain a competitive edge and reach its business goals. This week we’d like to guide you in the next step in the process. The implementation of mobile enterprise software can be a challenge for some businesses, and we want you to be informed of the challenges beforehand so you can navigate the implementation process with ease. If you’ve done your homework and decided mobile ERP is the right choice for you, the following information can help you escape the implementation process unscathed.

The Reality of Mobile Enterprise Software Implementations

While the actual implementation process of mobile enterprise software is not challenging in and of itself, its implementation does brings about other challenges that your business will need to address. These challenges include:

  • Data security and information sharing
  • The cost associated with transitioning to a mobile workforce
  • Using employee-owned devices

Mobile devices bring endless gains, but they are not without their share of challenges. Enterprise software solutions contain a wealth of confidential information about a company and connecting employee-owned devices to company networks can put that data at risk. In order to adequately protect your company’s data, you will need to invest time in extensive up-front analysis and planning to ensure all parts (platforms, security and infrastructure) are working together to protect your business data.

What You Can Do to Prepare for a Mobile Implementation

If your company is planning to permit the use of both company-owned and employee-owned mobile devices for work purposes, you will need to create a data security and implementation plan. Involve your IT teams, auditors and other compliance personnel in the planning stage and ask for their input. They may see security and/or cost challenges that you are not seeing and work with you to create solutions to alleviate those challenges. By looking at your company’s unique technology situation and involving key decision-makers and IT personnel, you can ensure that the backend of your company is kept safe and secure.

In addition to including your staff in the process, you need to work with a knowledgeable mobile enterprise software vendor who can help you implement the solution to best fit your needs. IWI Consulting is a trusted ERP, CRM and HRMS vendor that offers mobile enterprise software solutions to help organizations improve their productivity, achieve total business efficiency, and remain competitive in today’s global marketplace. Mobile enterprise software is not just a technology trend that will be here today and gone tomorrow. It is the technology of the future, and if your business is not incorporating mobile technology into your business now, you are sure to fall behind your competitors. You can learn more about our mobile enterprise software by visiting here.

To learn more about how mobile technology can increase your organization’s competitive edge and help you access the information you need when you need it, download our whitepaper, “Supporting Workplace Mobility with ERP.”

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