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Keeping your Cloud or On-Premise Solution Safe and Secure

Published on: Jul 10, 2019

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Data security is integral to the operation of any business, not only for business owners but also for the information that they store about their customers. There have been numerous instances throughout history of hackers accessing company data and stealing the information of their customers, including login credentials and even personal information like full name and address.

A recent example of a data breach is from Canva, an Australian graphic-design tech giant that was breached by a hacker on May 24, 2019. The hacker managed to steal Canva’s user account details (email, username, and passwords), but Canva reported that their passwords were encrypted and unreadable to the hacker.

If it weren’t for the encrypted passwords, Canva may have had an even bigger problem on their hands, where the hackers would have been able to access users’ accounts and possibly steal their designs. Another good thing is that Canva claims to not store any of their users’ credit card information, so that’s one less thing that customers have to be concerned about.

How to Ensure Your Cloud-Based ERP Solutions are Secure

ERP solutions or enterprise resource planning solutions are a great way to run your business more efficiently and see significant company growth. They are designed to streamline your business operations as well as enable you to access your data through cloud computing, meaning you have access to important information on the go.

While cloud computing can make running your business easier, it’s important that your data is secured from hackers and other potential data breaches. Here are some tips for securing your cloud computing system:

  • Implement strong data security features like antivirus programs, encryption tools, and in some cases a firewall added to the cloud server
  • Set security controls on both cloud and dedicated servers on data that moves back and forth between them to reduce data breach risk
  • Create a backup for your cloud-stored data that way you can restore compromised data easily and shut down your cloud server temporarily until the issue is resolved
  • Test the security of your ERP software on occasion to ensure that it is performing ultimately – you can even hire a professional hacker who will do these tests for you
  • Use redundant storage like internal drives to duplicate data and make it harder for data to get broken into
  • Create and employ multiple types of accounts with different security systems, that way only certain accounts are given access to important information

Securing your network infrastructure is integral to how you run your business, whether you are using cloud-based solution software or on-premise software.

IWI Provides IT and Networking Services

At IWI consulting we use state of the art technology to optimize and secure your network and protect your users. We specialize in VPN, remote access, firewall setup, and routing, and use the most up to date 128bit encryption to keep your data safe and secure.

We also offer Sage support in Toronto if you’re looking for an effective ERP solution that is secure and safe to use. As experts in ERP integration, we can make sure that your adoption of a new ERP solution is swift, painless, and secure. Our highly experienced and skilled technical professionals can even help you customize your solution so that it fits perfectly to your needs.

So if you’re looking to adopt a new cloud-based ERP solution, be sure to give us a call that way you can rest assured that it is installed properly and secured against any potential hackers.