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Keep Up The Pace In The Food & Beverage Industry

Published on: Nov 17, 2014

The food and beverage industry is part of a fast-paced marketplace with changing regulations, customer demands, and subject to seasonal and other fluctuations.  Keep up with these changes by deploying a business management solution that can provide real-time insight throughout your enterprise and with industry trends.

Your business needs to be flexible and able to respond quickly to changing situations in the food and beverage marketplace.  Entry-level or specialty software programs are often inflexible and data can be difficult to find.  In addition, although you may be able to monitor basic financial data, you are unlikely to find true value in your numbers in order to be confident in your price structures and profit margins.  In order to keep up with competitors, you need an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution such as Sage® ERP.

Sage ERP offers the flexibility that your food and beverage business needs right out of the box.  This fully integrated ERP solution can be deployed quickly and requires minimal training because it is easy to learn and use.  Specific manufacturing features offered in Sage ERP can be further tailored to specific operations.

  • You can manufacture items for make-to-stock or customize items for make-to-order.  Once a customer order is entered in Sage ERP, an automatic notification is sent to purchasing to check inventory and make procurement decisions to prepare for that order.
  • Notifications are also sent to scheduling to prepare the manufacturing floor.
  • Traceability and visibility into batches and lots can improve quality control, as well as maintain compliance with allergen, labeling, and other regulatory requirements.
  • Be confident in the products heading to the marketplace while you are also prepared to initiate a speedy recall should a problem arise.

Sage ERP is fully integrated from the front office to the back warehouse.  You can manage data for your entire business including financials, inventory and supply chain, manufacturing and distribution operations, and other core processes.  As a result, you can monitor pricing, values, and access the details needed to determine both productivity and profitability. Built in business intelligence can support efforts to further streamline operations, boost sales and profit margins, as well as drive growth.

You need to be able to act fast in the food and beverage industry.  Contact IWI Consulting Group to learn more about replacing inadequate technology with an ERP solution that can help you keep up the pace.

By IWI Consulting Group, Sage Authorized Partner in Canada