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Increase Sales Using the Right Tools

Published on: Sep 27, 2018

You can have an innovative product or unique and useful service, and you can have a great team of enthusiastic employees with refined skills, but if you can’t sell your product, it all goes to waste. Knowing how to sell and how to increase sales may seem like obvious must-haves for businesses, but it can often be a weak point that can crumble an entire operation. Mid-sized and small businesses account for the majority of sales in Canada and the US, and there are several ways your teams can improve sales and grab a bigger slice of the marketplace.


Have a strong but smart digital presence. Many companies make the mistake of thinking they need a presence on every social media platform and to spam their customers with constant emails and newsletters. Strong means quality not quantity. Use the social applications that suit your target audience or customer base, i.e., Snapchat for a younger demo and Facebook for a more mature one. Hire creative professionals to build solid platforms for you with concise and complete information for current and new customers. Shop around to find reasonably priced rates for a graphic designer for your logo, a copywriter who can do SEO for your website, and a tech wizard who can solve any problems without charging two arms and two legs. Keep your information updated but don’t bombard people with posts, tweets, or news. They’ll quickly unfollow.



Customers are key. Forming solid relationships with those buying your product as well as those searching for something to fulfill their needs is of the utmost importance. Loyalty is a big part of consistent sales, not only because of repeat business, but because of referrals and word-of-mouth. Respect is the foundation for any quality relationship. Even when your service or product falls short, making sure your customers are heard and trying your best to resolve their problems will bolster their opinion of you, even if you fail to meet their original expectations in the end. Offering customers rewards for standing by you and supporting you with their hard-earned money is important, too. Use their feedback to adapt and innovate.


Midsized businesses can benefit greatly from global ERP solutions like operations and financial management tools. Anticipating and being proactive with customer needs is easier when you have total control and access to your entire company with shareable, centralized data accessible through the cloud. IWI Consulting Group are Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management (formerly known as Sage X3) experts in Canada and we can help you achieve more in less time with this multifunctional and user-friendly software. Check on inventory, take orders, approve expenses, create and pull reports instantly. Gain insights into customer relationships and expand sales channels. Expand into new locations, languages, and currencies. Give your teams and employees tools to improve productivity.


If you can’t properly track and analyze your sales, you can’t improve upon them. There is a learning curve for adopting all new software and systems, and we can help your whole business adopt ERP software solutions that can be tailored to suit your specific needs and forget about the components you don’t want. It’s important to know what is driving your sales and retaining customers so you can continue to support and improve these areas and perhaps drop the methods that aren’t working – or maybe re-work them. A small or mid-sized business can’t keep track of everything, but we can help you focus on what matters for success.


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