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Got Data Cravings? Satisfy Them with Sage X3, a Comprehensive Analytics Solution

Published on: Oct 18, 2017

Sage X3Some companies run on gut instinct. Others run on data. If your company falls into the latter camp, welcome to Sage X3 Data Management and Analytics, a comprehensive analytics solution for insights-driven organizations.

Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3) Data Management and Analytics offers a comprehensive portfolio of analytics with the ease of an out of the box solution. Deep integration with other Sage software enables Sage X3 Data Management and Analytics to manage data and extra insights without cumbersome technical programming. It’s easier to set up than many other data analytics programs, making it a favorite for companies who crave data but have little time for custom programming.

Let’s take a look at some of the features Sage X3 Data Management and Analytics offers.

  • One analytics solution: The software takes multiple data inputs and generates outputs through dynamic role-based dashboards, Sage BI dashboards and reporting, and other BI tools, as required. It’s one solution to the problem of multiple BI needs.
  • Easy deployment: One pre-packaged solution makes deployment a snap. Various models include cloud, on-premise, and hybrid models. Pre-set data models for Sage X3 and other ERP and CRM applications offer better deployment options.
  • Seamless integration: This tool is built to integrate with other products—especially Sage products—but other systems, as well. Out of the box integration with almost any data source makes it quick to set up without a glitch. You can also add additional data sources later.
  • Data modeling: Powerful data modeling capabilities enable you to make customized data reports, automate data cube and warehousing, and much more.
  • Data governance: Govern data carefully without intrusive systems through its built-in data governance tools. Enterprise-quality controls enable you to securely set permissions, adjust access and permissions, and control who sees and changes data.
  • Fast analysis: Self-service reporting puts you in control of outputs. Role-based dashboards, industry-standard best practices and more are all built into the system.

These features make Sage X3 Data Management and Analytics a must-have tool for companies set on growth. You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and lack of available data makes it difficult for companies to set a course for growth. With Sage X3 Data Management and Analytics, you have what you need to set KPIs and measure progress towards them. More importantly, you are empowered with information and self-service capabilities that help you make the system what you need it to be. It’s flexible and offers exceptional data visualizations for better insights.

Transform Your Company

Many companies seek to become data-driven businesses but difficulty finding, accessing, and using data can make it hard to take the final step. If you can’t trust your data or you can’t find what you need, it becomes next to impossible to make decisions based on data.

Sage X3 Data Management and Analytics can shift this paradigm into one in which not only can you trust the data that you see, but you can make it your own. With customized dashboards, the CEO’s view is different from the Marketing Manager’s view, but each gets to see the metrics vital to their roles within the company. The result is a tool that not only supports better decisions but makes data the basis from which business decisions are made.

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