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How Customer-Centric Sage X3 Improves Customer Satisfaction – and Your Business

Published on: Nov 23, 2016

Sage ERP X3Systems such as Sage X3 that impart a customer-centric focus to enterprise resource planning can improve both customer satisfaction and your bottom line. A new white paper from IWI Consulting, Customer-Centric ERP: Integrated Systems for Satisfied Customers is available at no charge to help demystify the concept of customer-centric enterprise resource planning and to help you consider the many benefits to your business.

Learn from the Best (in Class)

Best in class businesses have higher rates of customer satisfaction and success. Perhaps not coincidently, they are also much more likely to view their ERP system as an important component in a customer-centric model. These are the top performing businesses in the industry, as measured by the Aberdeen Group in criteria explained in the white paper.

Such businesses are 51% more likely to use a customer-centric CRM and ERP system to improve their businesses. Companies that can seamlessly integrate data across multiple systems through their ERP compared to others with siloed systems achieved an 88% increase in revenues with a 12% reduction in customer care. They could reduce the costs of customer care while simultaneously improving their company’s value and sales ability, a winning situation for any business.

Other Benefits of ERP Systems

Increasing revenues and decreasing costs are two powerful motivators for adding an ERP system such as Sage ERP X3 to your business. But there are many other benefits derived from an ERP system. This includes:

  • Higher percent of completed and on-time delivery of customer orders.
  • Improvements in both the quality and timeliness of decisions made within the company.
  • Improvements in cycle time of key business processes over the past year.
  • Higher percent of customers self-identifying as “satisfied” or “completely satisfied” with the service.
  • Reduced days of sales outstanding.

With so many benefits derived from one major improvement, it makes great sense to consider adding an ERP system to your company. A customer-centric experience is one that will set your company apart from its competitors.

Today’s customers are better-informed than past generations. With the tap of a button, they can access millions of web pages to learn more about the products and services they are interested in. The one thing that still sets a stellar business apart from the rest is service, which must be experienced. To achieve such an experience, having consolidated and comprehensive data at your fingertips is a must.

Sage X3 and the Customer-Centric Business

While the paper itself does not specifically address Sage X3, the software is well-known for its ability to help businesses anticipate and act proactively to assist their customers. This is at the heart of a customer-centric business; putting customer care at the heart of every transaction. Sage X3 makes it easier.

Sage X3 offers:

  • One dashboard to check on multiple points of a transaction, including inventory, ordering, expenses, and more.
  • Monitoring of all aspects of your business, with the ability to dig deeper into any one area for more information if needed.
  • The ability to integrate processes into one workflow.
  • Truly mobile access, so that you can check on any aspect of your business from wherever your work takes you.

Sage X3 offers manufacturers a powerful tool for a customer-centric business. Learn more about it today from IWI Consulting.

Customer-centric ERP is a new and better way to manage your accounts using enterprise resource planning software. To learn more, download the free white paper Customer-Centric ERP: Integrated Systems for Satisfied Customers from IWI Consulting Group.

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