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Cloud-Based Sage Software: Substantial Software or Insubstantial Promise?

Published on: Feb 07, 2018

Sage softwareSage software includes both on-premises and cloud-based versions. It is the latter that we’d like to address since some people hear “cloud” and think it is insubstantial—here today, gone tomorrow.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software offers a lightweight, agile system that is easier to implement, mobilize, and customize and a feature-rich enterprise system that is powerful enough to support every aspect of your business. Sage Business Cloud offers you the best of Sage products combined with mobile, agile features only available through cloud systems.

Site-Based ERP Has Its Place

Many site-based ERP systems have helped businesses to grow and be profitable by streamlining the entire business from manufacturing, warehousing, sales, and financial management. Such ERP systems have been customized to meet specific company requirements and have been entrenched in company processes. On-premises implementations were required for these critical systems because of the need for reliability, speed, and control. Because of this, while many other business systems have moved to the cloud, ERP has been one of the last to do so.

Legacy Systems Losing Ground to Cloud

In almost all areas of software adoption, legacy systems are losing ground while cloud-based systems are increasing in popularity and adoption rates. Gartner has predicted that at least 30% of businesses will move the majority of their ERP applications to the cloud by 2018. Traditional ERP systems have a reputation for costly, time-consuming deployments and maintenance, outdated user interfaces and inflexibility—the definition of a legacy system.

Cloud-based ERP, such as Sage Live and Sage Intaact, offer flexibility, scalability, security, and cost-savings. It can be your company’s one-stop shop for all its business needs, without the cumbersome maintenance and support needed for on-site ERP.

Cloud ERP Makes Implementation Easier

ERP implementations have been the stuff of legends—major fanfare of a renewed, integrated business model, months of customization, implementation, training, and headaches as the system doesn’t quite live up to expectations. Implementing cloud-based ERP is easier, because often these systems are more modular and provide greater accessibility. In addition, when companies choose to outsource the hosting of their ERP, they do not need to ramp up to accommodate, train, and support new hardware and software platforms.

Cloud ERP Increases Business Agility and Transparency

Systems such as Sage Business Cloud can help your company with issues of both transparency and agility. Sage offers your sales department immediate views of their work. It is a Salesforce platform that offers real-time collaboration and mobile data. You can even link banking information with it to accommodate payments through Salesforce’s world-class CRM system.

When your business is growing, whether through increased sales, geographic expansion, or acquisition, cloud ERP systems can help your business be agile and flexible. By leveraging cloud ERP capabilities, such as improved access and transparency, organizations transform processes to ease growing pains. Cloud ERP can ease the migration of shared processes and data, helping to move toward integrated systems and provide multi-location access.

An easy-to-use, mobile user interface is expected today, which means that Internet and mobile offerings need to be provided. Cloud-based ERP software allows for much easier delivery of corporate data and information on mobile platforms allowing employees, supplier, and customers access to critical data on any device and from anywhere.

Cloud ERP Saves You Money

Cloud systems can cost much less than older legacy systems. Site maintenance and security are taken care of by the cloud provider, so you don’t have to worry about them. You don’t need to purchase expensive hardware or pay the salaries of IT people to maintain an extensive network of computers. Instead, all this is taken care of by Sage software, who maintains both Sage Intaac and Sage Live.

When it’s time to choose new ERP software for your business or update your CRM system, choose Sage Business Cloud. Cloud software isn’t light and fluffy. It’s a robust software package that can provide your company with the edge it needs to achieve even greater success.

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