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IWI Consulting and Sage Software Introduce Sage Intaact

Published on: Nov 29, 2017

Sage IntaactSage is known for its robust yet easy to use software. The company recently acquired San Jose, California-based Intaact to provide Sage Intaact, financial management solutions that target growing businesses.

Sage Intaact will help small to mid-sized businesses improve their financial management. The software offers a sophisticated and powerful cloud-based infrastructure for financial management, operational insights, process automation, seamless integration, advanced features, and an updated user experience.

Moving Traditional ERP to the Cloud

Customers worldwide are moving rapidly to cloud-based ERP. Sage, always responsive to their customers’ needs, recognized this desire and sought to find or develop new cloud-based products that would exceed customer expectations.

According to a recent study, cloud adoption rates are soaring: 81% of organizations responding to the study have either completed or are in the process of adopting a cloud-based strategy. Cloud-based ERP adoption stands at 27% versus 56% for on-premises adoption, with the remaining respondents choosing SAS.

Benefits of Cloud Software

Cloud software offers greater flexibility, scalability, security. and cost savings.

Flexibility: Cloud-based software can expand to accommodate new lines of business, industries, or other areas of growth. Sage software products are easy to integrate and offer the ability to build out a flexible system based on your business needs, not the limitations of the software. Add modules to provide additional support for human resources, sales, marketing, distribution, and more.

Scalability: As your business grows, you need software that grows with it. Cloud software can easily scale up or down depending on your business needs. Since the cloud consists of many servers linked together through the internet, it’s easy to add more computing power when you need it.

Security: Cloud hosting companies provide the security for your data. You do not have to worry about securing your own servers. It’s all kept behind the walls of cloud-hosted security which tends to be much safer than other types.

Cost-Savings: Traditional site licenses required not just an estimate of how many users would access the software but an investment in hardware to run it. You had to purchase, install, and maintain extensive network servers. That’s all changed with cloud hosting. Now the hosting providers have to offer all of that. You simply need an internet-based device to access the software. It’s a tremendous saving for many companies.

How Sage Intaact Supports Business Growth

Sage Intaact isn’t just about financial management. Sage products seek to be a company’s one-stop shop for all business productivity and enterprise resource management (ERP) software needs.

With the acquisition of Sage Intaact, the company has added a flexible cloud solution that can adapt to changing business conditions and customer demands. With Sage Intaact, you can easily add more users, connect other Sage products to the basic suite, and build out the exact system you need.

Sage Intaact is also a great option for international growth. This is important to many manufacturers seeking to expand beyond the Canadian borders. It can accommodate business within provinces or across oceans with equal ease. It’s perfect for mid-market sized companies looking to grow beyond their existing boundaries, or even for large-scale manufacturers looking for a robust, cloud-based product.

Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant – A Sign of Excellence

Sage Intaact is the only AICPA preferred partner in North America and has the honor of appearing in the Visionary area in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Not only is it in the Visionary area, it is also cited as a Visionary for Cloud Core Financial Management Suites for Midsize, Large and Global Enterprises, and the fastest growing independent provider of cloud Financial Management solutions to the mid-market.

Gartner conducts extensive qualitative research before sharing their updated quadrants. Their review and placement of Sage Intaact underscore its potential to revolutionize the mid-market business management suite of software products.

Talk to IWI Consulting Today About Cloud-Based Sage Intaact

IWI Consulting is pleased to offer our customers Sage Intaact, part of the suite of Sage Business Cloud software products for business productivity, growth, and management. If you would like more information on Sage Intaact, please contact us today. Visit IWI Consulting Group or contact us today.