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CADLink for Sage X3 Improves Efficiency

Published on: Feb 08, 2017

Sage X3Engineers love accuracy. Their world revolves around it. Tools that provide faster and more accurate data flow from sales to engineering, purchasing, and production such as CADLink for Sage X3 make your engineers’ jobs easier.

CADLink for Sage X3 Links Inventory, Bills, and More

CAD (computer assisted design) helps engineers create designs on the computer that can then be made into prototypes and projects. Typical CAD system require a list of materials entered into the CAD system and then entered into other systems used throughout the company such as inventory management systems and ERP systems. This multiple data entry is time-consuming and increases the chance of data entry mistakes.

With CADLink for Sage X3, engineers are able to build out the specs for your projects while they simultaneously create item lists, including a list of supplies. They enter one set of materials for the project into one system, eliminating duplicate entry and the potential for mistakes inherent in any duplicate system.

With CADLink for Sage X3, you can:

  • Design new products and create the bill of materials (BOM) in one system.
  • Earmark materials in the warehouse now for design projects currently on the drafting table.
  • Enter one set of materials into the system and have the information sent automatically to multiple systems, reducing data entry and mistakes.
  • Conduct live searches in Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3) Items Master List and insert raw materials and non-CAD items into your BOM.
  • Write back your CAD model properties so that CAD engineering data remains in sync with Sage X3 data.

The Many Benefits of CADLink for Sage X3

Engineers just want to focus on engineering—they don’t want to waste time typing material lists into multiple systems, fussing with invoices, or adjusting entries to ensure that changes are made throughout the system when a design is tweaked.

That’s why CADLink for Sage X3 pleases even the pickiest engineer. The system takes care of sending changes out through the entire Sage X3 system. One small engineering change that updates the BOM won’t be forgotten, leading to multiple mistakes. Instead, a change recorded in one part of the system flows throughout the entire system. It increases accuracy, which in turn improves efficiency and profitability. The more accurate your orders are, the better the service to your customers. This cycle of improved efficiency can be felt throughout the organization from the warehouse to the client, from sales to finance, helping everyone in your company succeed.

Sage X3: ERP for a New Era

Sage X3 is a powerful ERP, or enterprise resource planning, software tool. ERP programs help businesses centralize their data so that all information is available for access, collaboration, and sharing across teams.

Sage X3 puts powerful knowledge right at your fingertips. Mobile access means you can access your business data whenever you want to, wherever you want to. Check on inventory, open invoices, shipping updates, and more on the go.

Tools like Sage X3 help everyone in your business improve productivity. Errors are reduced, and collaboration among teams and employees is easier. When all systems improve, customer satisfaction increases. It’s a winning combination for all.

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