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Barcoding Makes Warehouse Management Easy and Fast

Published on: Feb 01, 2017

barcodingIf there’s only one thing you do to improve your warehouse management this year, make it barcoding. Bar codes are a simple improvement in your warehouse management process that can add great value to your bottom line. How? They make inventory management faster and easier.

Three Ways Barcodes Make Your Job Easier

There are probably dozens of ways that barcodes make a warehouse manager’s job easier. These three, however, are those cited by many warehouse managers worldwide.

  1. Better inventory tracking: Keeping stock levels consistent so that you can fulfill incoming orders is important, but it can be difficult to know exactly what you have in the warehouse at any given moment. Managing multiple inventory locations within a single warehouse, or multiple warehouse locations containing the same SKUs, make the job even harder. Barcodes scanned into the system enable you to check inventory in and out of warehouses, monitor stock levels, and reorder before inventory levels drop too low. It makes inventory tracking faster, easier, and more efficient.
  2. Easier receiving: Receiving is often a bottleneck in many warehouses. The press to get customer orders out the door as fast as possible sometimes results in incoming shipments backing up in the receiving area. When you use bar code scanners and barcodes, you can swipe and scan inbound shipments quickly and efficiently, adding them to your inventory with just a single swipe. Processing inbound shipments takes only minutes compared to hours of manually inputting information.
  3. Pinpoint accuracy: Recalls aren’t something companies like to talk about, but when a recall is issued, it’s important to find the defective goods in your warehouse as quickly as possible so they can be returned to the sender. Barcodes enable tracking by lot and SKU so that if an entire lot is recalled, you can find it with pinpoint accuracy in your warehouse even if you’re juggling thousands of SKUs. Finding the bin or shelf location and tagging the recalled items for return takes much less time with barcode tracking than manually locating such inventory in a large warehouse.

Better Inventory Managements Means Higher Profits

The inventory in your warehouse represents money spent with an eye to making a profit in the future. If you don’t manage your inventory efficiently, you could lose money. The better you manage your inventory, the better your company’s cash flow. You’ll always have goods on hand to ship to customers without sinking extra money into excess inventory.

Companies who excel at inventory management find that not only do they rarely over-order goods, but they improve customer satisfaction, too. Having the right items in stock ensures that orders can be fulfilled in a timely fashion. Customers never have to wait for their shipments, and your company can develop a reputation as a reliable vendor.

IWI’s Barcode Scanning Module for Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300)

IWI Consulting Group offers a unique barcode scanning module for Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300) that connects the powerful Sage ERP application with your inventory management and barcode scanning system. This cost-effective module reduces mistakes, improves efficiency, and increases profits through better inventory management.

Many complicated inventory management procedures can be streamlined with the right barcode scanning modules. IWI barcode scanning offers matching to purchase order receipts, ability to direct items to the proper warehouse with receipt, matching shipped items to a pick sheet to reduce picking errors, inventory count, stock transfer, and serial and lot tracking.

If there’s just one thing you improve in your warehouse in 2017, improve your inventory management. Ask us about barcode scanning for Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300) today.

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