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Three Predictions for the Future of Enterprise Software

Published on: Sep 21, 2016

Sage ERP X3When it comes to enterprise software, it can be difficult to predict the future. Few would have predicted the rise of the internet and the ease and cost-savings of cloud computing, for example. Yet ERP consulting must take into account many factors, including certain trends that have followed throughout the year and that predict the future of the industry. These three areas are likely to affect enterprise software in the new year and beyond. Are you ready?

Prediction #1: Nearly Every ERP System Will Be on the Cloud

According to Right Scale, 93% of companies surveyed are using the cloud. Many use cloud-based systems such as Google Docs and other storage and computing software without thinking about it. To these companies, migrating their enterprise software to the cloud makes sense. They’re already using the cloud, so moving other applications such as Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3) to the cloud are simply another step in the evolution of their computing needs.

Why move to the cloud? Cloud-based systems offer flexibility, cost-savings, and mobility. You can scale them up or down as your business grows without adding costly hardware. Generally, they are more cost-effective than site-based software purchases, and you can easily add more to your system without having to invest in additional tools. Many sync together; your ERP consulting team can guide you towards the best solution for your needs. Lastly, the cloud offers access through simple web-based applications, so they are highly mobile. Everything from accounting to inventory can be accessed and managed from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. It’s a solution that many businesses find appealing and useful.

Prediction #2:  Data Needs Continue to Grow

Data-based decisions were once the purview of big business. Now they remain a staple throughout all size businesses. Whether you are in manufacturing or services, having data upon which to form strategies and base business decisions remains an important component of enterprise software, and a valuable tool for your business.

A business is only as good as the people on hand to interpret the data, so keep in mind that even though you may have more data available, more doesn’t mean better. It does mean that powerful tools are now in your hands upon which to discover new and profitable business strategies to propel your business forward.

Data remains important, and may even grow in importance as new tools are created to harness its power for the average business owner.

Prediction #3: Enterprise Software Will Take Its Cues from Consumer Applications

Back in the early days of computing, PCs dominated the business world, while Apple products dominated the graphic design world. The two competing systems learned to stake out their territories in the market. Gradually, however, that shifted as more consumers gravitated towards Apple’s easier navigation and graphical interface.

Today it is astonishing to see how the lines have blurred between the two competitors, as well as how the lines between ‘business’ software and ‘personal’ software have blurred as well. Many features we take for granted in the business world, such as smartphone apps to access enterprise software, originated in the consumer world.

Our prediction is that devices, apps and other conveniences developed for the consumer market will continue to evolve and find their way into enterprise software, too. ERP consulting is all about finding the best solutions for customers, and software developers are always looking at the best practices in their industry to find new and innovative solutions for their business customers. It’s not much of a stretch to say that the more intuitive, convenient, and easy the software is to use, the more appealing it will be.

Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3) already offers many convenient features and intuitive dashboards that appeal to different businesses and industries. It’s easy to predict that this will continually evolve over time.

IWI Consulting: Predicting Business Success

We predict that with the implementation of ERP consulting and enterprise software, you’ll have a more productive business! IWI Consulting provides Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3) and Sage 300 software, along with other tools for business insights, management and data. Get more information on our website or download the whitepaper The Total Economic Impact of Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3) today. Call IWI Consulting at 1-866-916-3851.