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Sage X3: All-in-One Food Manufacturing and Business Management

Published on: Aug 25, 2015

The Need for a Comprehensive Food ERP System

Your business is more than the manufacturing plant you use to manufacture your products and distribute it to consumers. While your focus may be food manufacturing, there is a lot more that goes into making your business a success. From back-office accounting to HR and payroll, these are standard business activities that must take place in order to ensure the smooth operation of your manufacturing facility.

Successful food manufacturers combine all areas of the business into one system to provide them with the insight and visibility they need to manage their business well. When you run disconnected systems, you receive disconnected data. Every part of the business relates to the other. If you are experiencing challenges in manufacturing a certain product, chances are those challenges are affecting one part of the business or another. By simplifying business management and using a comprehensive solution to manage both your manufacturing and office-related activities, you are setting yourself up for success.

Why Sage X3 is Our Top Pick for Food Manufacturing Businesses

Sage X3 is an integrated enterprise system that allows food manufacturers to have complete business control and maintain industry-specific compliance. From forecasting, scheduling, order management, and inventory control, the software enables food and beverage manufacturers to reduce overall costs of the business while at the same time improvement customer service. The features included in Sage X3 address the business as a whole, enabling food manufacturers to focus their time and attention on the things that truly matter.

Some highlights of this comprehensive food ERP software include:

  • Automated data collection, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing data entry errors
  • Advanced scheduling capabilities that can be adjusted for equipment using dedicated processing lines and side-by-side machines to avoid potential cross-contamination of products
  • Recipe management that captures detailed item information and passes it on through the system to ensure the accuracy and coherency of product data
  • Automated product traceability and tracking through all materials, levels and suppliers
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) so you can be alerted to any changes or problems within your business
  • Financial management capabilities so you can stay on budget
  • Automated compliance document generator
  • Production planning for ingredient-specific plants and lines
  • Careful matching of packaging
  • Real-time reporting so you always know what is happening

Could your food manufacturing business use a comprehensive system that addresses your business as a whole rather than just part-by-part? IWI Consulting offers food industry ERP software to help food manufacturing companies adequately prepare for recall instances and any other related food and beverage “emergencies”. You can learn more about our food industry ERP software by visiting our Sage X3 page.

Download our whitepaper, “Managing Product Recalls to Reduce Risk and Minimize Costs,” for further information on improving your company’s response in preparation of a recall.  

Our small and dedicated team specializes in helping small-to-medium size Canadian businesses and non-profits select and adapt Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resource Management (HRMS) and IT services. With IWI’s 15 years in business and 100 plus years of combined experience, IWI has helped hundreds of food manufacturing, distribution, and financial service companies gain efficiency, grow, and lower their operating costs.

With the unique combination of industry knowledge and diverse technology expertise, IWI provides cost-effective solutions to help clients gain a competitive edge. As a Sage business partner, servicing the Greater Toronto Area, we support evaluation and implementation of operations and finance systems to optimize technology, ensuring high return on investment with a quick and painless transition to new software.