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Real Benefits of Having CRM

Published on: Sep 25, 2019

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Published On: Sept 25, 2019

CRM by IWI Consulting

CRM by IWI Consulting

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a broad term used to describe all the ways in which an organization interacts with current and potential customers (also known as leads). An organization with CRM will design and use guidelines, principles, and practices, all for the sake of enhancing the customer experience in order to retain and grow their customer base.

CRM is used in communications, service-related processes, sales, forecasting, and analysis of trends and behaviours. The goal is to understand their target audience better so that an organization can adjust their sales strategies to drive sales, gain new customers, and retain the ones they currently have.

While CRM refers to the management of any kind of customer engagement, more and more it is used to refer to software solutions that companies integrate into their business operations. This software is designed to help businesses manage their customer relationships with a number of useful tools that help them interact with their clients and anticipate their needs better.

There are a number of CRM solutions for your business but not all are created equally. Let’s go over some of the top customer relationship management software currently available today.

Sage CRM

Because we are top Sage CRM consultants in Toronto we know that this product is definitely one worth taking a look at. This software is easy to use, offers automated processes and reporting, and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure with no issues. This seamless multi channel CRM also uses cloud technology to provide your company with real-time data and insights that can be utilized for better functionality across the board.


This product comes with a number of advanced features and is highly customizable with a robust third-party app marketplace. While pricy and somewhat difficult to use, Salesforce provides smooth workflow processes matched with just about everything you could ever want out of a this kind of platform for pretty much any sized organization.


A huge advantage to HubSpot is that it has a free option that can offer you the basics when it comes to customer relationship management. While the interface is easy to use and great for companies just starting up, it can get expensive when adding on new features as your business grows.


Zoho is free for up to ten users and has done well for itself despite being a newer product. It has a decent amount of essential features that include gamification modules and Google integrations. While it does offer a valuable reporting feature, workflow automation is limited to the premium edition.


This affordable solution is all-inclusive with just about anything you could ever want from your customer relationship management software. With 24-hour support and a great mobile app, it’s a great solution for small businesses looking to get started. The only downside is that the only way to integrate Apptivo is through customization.

Empower Your Business

Customer relationship management solutions give you the tools to deliver customized experiences for each of your current and potential customers. For small and medium sized businesses, this is a huge advantage over larger companies that may not be able to offer the same level of personalization for their customers. With CRM you can:

  • Understand your business better and help it grow
  • Launch faster and more profitable sales campaigns
  • Create targeted campaigns that help your marketing team reach the right people at the right time
  • Give your customers the best experience possible and beat out your competition
  • Build more and stronger customer relationships

So if you’re interested in taking your customer interactions to the next level, then contact IWI Consulting Group so that we can help you find the best CRM solution to suit your needs. You won’t be disappointed by our level of expertise, and you can count on us to ensure that your software is successfully installed and integrated into your existing infrastructure.