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Mobilize Your Workforce with Sage X3

Published on: Sep 23, 2015

Today’s companies are more mobile than ever: traveling from city to city for various meetings and conferences, making sales calls, and walking through warehouse and distribution centers. In addition, today’s businesses are facing more competition than ever and business leaders need to be able to make important decisions on-the-go. In order to do this, however, they need access to business-critical information from the company’s business systems. Without it, you and your employees do not have the tools you need to do the job well in this highly mobile world.

Luckily, when it comes to mobile business systems, there are plenty of options from which to choose. In fact, we can work with you to obtain mobile access to all of the business systems we sell and support so you are always connected to the information you need – when and where you need it. For the sake of this article, however, we would like to highlight the mobile capabilities of Sage X3, the software of choice for businesses in a variety of industries, including manufacturing and distribution.

Sage X3: Providing Companies with Seamless, Mobile Business System Connectivity

Sage X3 provides companies with mobile access to their most important business information and data. The solution is built for the web, meaning all you need to access the system is a mobile device and an Internet connection. Whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, you get the same consistent look and user-experience no matter what methods you choose to access the system.

In addition to its web-based interface, Sage X3 also offers a mobile app that can be downloaded directly to any iOS, Android or Windows device. The app allows users to connect instantly to the system and its data, updating, viewing or changing information as needed. With the Sage X3 mobile app, users can:

  • Create new expense entries, add notes and review history
  • Access customer information, orders, and credit status.
  • Inquire on orders, quotes, shipments, invoices and, returns.
  • Approve or reject purchase documents
  • View real-time inventory status and availability
  • View prices and quantity for specific customers

Your employees are no longer tied down to the office, so why should you expect your business systems to be? With Sage X3, you can experience for yourself the difference a fully mobile ERP solution makes. To learn more about how mobile technology can increase your organization’s competitive edge and help you access the information you need when you need it, download our whitepaper, “Supporting Workplace Mobility with ERP.”

IWI Consulting offers mobile enterprise software solutions to help organizations improve their productivity, achieve total business efficiency, and remain competitive in today’s global marketplace. Mobile enterprise software is not just a technology trend that will be here today and gone tomorrow. It is the technology of the future, and if your business is not incorporating mobile technology into your business now, you are sure to fall behind your competitors. You can learn more about our mobile enterprise software by visiting here.

Our small and dedicated team specializes in helping small-to-medium size Canadian businesses and non-profits select and adapt Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resource Management (HRMS) and IT services. With IWI’s 15 years in business and 100 plus years of combined experience, IWI has helped hundreds of food manufacturing, distribution, and financial service companies gain efficiency, grow, and lower their operating costs.

With the unique combination of industry knowledge and diverse technology expertise, IWI provides cost-effective solutions to help clients gain a competitive edge. As a Sage business partner, servicing the Greater Toronto Area, we support evaluation and implementation of operations and finance systems to optimize technology, ensuring high return on investment with a quick and painless transition to new software.