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Ways To Grow Your Non-Profit

Published on: Aug 21, 2018

Growing a non-profit has unique challenges compared to a standard corporation. Generally, many NGOs and non-profits are providing a service to the community or the environment, researching and innovating in a target area, and occasionally selling products, often as a supportive segment for a larger charitable cause. Finding and managing employees and volunteers, board members overseeing operations, sourcing funding and other resources, and garnering support from local businesses and sponsors, are some of the areas that can operate differently within a charitable organization versus a traditional brick-and-mortar store, online retailer, or insurance company.

Some ways that non-profits can see growth in their size and their revenue includes bringing on teams of well-reviewed, interviewed, and qualified volunteers, both regular and occasional, who need to meet a requirement for service in the community. Providing learning opportunities, skills training, and adding other benefits adjacent to your cause for volunteers (beyond the goodness they’ll feel in their hearts) is a good way to attract high quality workers who may even stick around after their requirement is met. Having a solid team of paid employees and continually adding to your staff and payroll will also attract potential candidates who want to introduce themselves and their skills to you through volunteering. It’s a good way to vet people, see their skills, their dedication, and if they’re a good fit on the team.

Just about every company has a social media team, even if it’s only one member. It’s especially important for non-profits to create media content that can be shared because it’s how today’s grassroots systems operate. This doesn’t just mean having a person post or tweet about your initiatives and asking for donations or sponsors. Making creative content that reaches people in meaningful ways, that speaks to them, and that they can engage with, is how to convince people to really care about your cause. Hiring writers, artists, editors, and other creatives who can present a powerful narrative will get your message across. These are people with unique skills who are worth having on the payroll, so you’ll retain a dedicated team who won’t abandon you when a paid gig appears.

If you’re a midsized non-profit, using Enterprise Resource Planning software to help run your business is essential. A program like Sage 300cloud (formerly called Sage Accpac) takes several essential sectors of your company and integrates their management for better financial management, workflows, productivity, access to information, risk management, and compliance. You can build a strong foundation for growth with a comprehensive and seamless program. Integrated business intelligence and reports allow you to target problem areas and improve your analytical capabilities.

If you’re unfamiliar with Enterprise Resource Planning and Management software, IWI Consulting Group can help you adopt your new system and tailor it to suit your non-profit’s specific goals and growth targets. For Sage Accpac support in Toronto and Sage Intacct consulting in Toronto we are here to help you integrate an ERP system into your business. As your organizations grows, you can add users and connect current and new processes from areas of the company in real time for accurate functionality. Trust the management system that over 45,000 midmarket businesses have in over 150 countries. We’d love to have a conversation about how your non-profit can improve productivity, reduce waste, and grow with Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300) or another resource management software system.

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