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Sage Software Recommends New Technologies to Watch

Published on: Feb 14, 2018

Sage softwareSage software is always at the leading-edge of innovation. In 2016, the company’s chatbot, “Peggy,” made her debut. While she could only respond to simple commands like “How much do customers owe me?” and “What’s our gross revenues for the month?” the new chatbot continues to evolve as a so-called “smart” assistant.

Peggy, and other innovations like this, demonstrate just how far the world of technology has come, and how it continues to evolve. Sage software embraces new technology and adds it whenever it makes sense to do so for their customers. Here are the areas that Sage is watching. You may wish to keep an eye on them, too.

Three Tech Areas to Watch

Technology evolves at a speed today which was previously unheard of in decades past. Innovations can be sweeping or incremental, completely disruptive or simple updates. Devices such as smartphones available today hold more computing power in a pocket-sized device than most offices had twenty years ago.

The following three tech areas are ones to watch now, for these are the areas affecting companies in manufacturing, distribution, and many other industries. Even if they aren’t impacting your business now, they will, and soon.

  1. Chatbots and autonomous interfaces. Sage software’s “Peggy” is a great example of a chatbot. While it may seem odd to be typing queries and speaking with an AI chatbot, most of us have done this without even noticing we’re not speaking with a human being. Banks, retail websites, and other companies are using chatbots that think, learn, and respond intelligently to simple questions. Someday, even a computer mouse and keyboard may go the way of the quill pen and inkwell.
  2. Artificial and collective intelligence. Systems that learn as they grow are “thinking” computers. Data collections through the internet of things are making it imperative that larger volumes of data can be handled efficiently. AI and collective intelligence systems can process, sort, and distill such data.
  3. Blockchain technology: Perhaps nothing is more disruptive than blockchain technology. Originally used to create, mine, and trade digital currencies such as bitcoin, blockchain is poised to take off as a secure data transfer method with applications beyond the banking and finance world. Any industries that work as intermediaries between two parties may be able to use blockchain technology to keep transactions and information secure. While the future applications of blockchain are uncertain, it’s like we are watching the start of the era of the printing press or the application of the telephone to the world of business. It has that much potential to transform industries. Smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain may make third-party contracts obsolete someday.
  4. Money transfers: New digital technologies have helped online-only banks open their virtual doors to customers. With lower overhead and infrastructure, they can afford to pay higher interest. Automatic bill pays, e-checks, and other forms of electronic money transfers are all new technologies that have changed how companies conduct business. One-click invoice payments may be on the horizon for many small businesses who currently can’t offer the same secure one-click payments as the bigger companies can offer.

Will these changes bring us faster, better workplaces? That remains to be seen. Some innovations—the 8-track tape or Beta videotapes, anyone?—came and went. Others, like the cell phone, have evolved into a basic daily necessity for the workplace. No matter what you think of these technologies, innovations such as AI, chatbots, smart contracts, blockchain technology, and more are what the business and technology world is looking at these days for the next big idea of the future.

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