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Move to The Cloud For Superior Business Operations

Published on: Jul 30, 2018

Trying to manage your company’s daily operations using multiple pieces of software, all downloaded onto individual computers in the office, is now an antiquated way to handle the needs of a midsized business. Not only is it more efficient to combine all functions like Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, and Customer Relations into one place, but doing so via the cloud can take an entire business further.

For mid-sized businesses that are growing, global, or small businesses that have plans to expand, software like Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300 ERP) is a cloud-based system that can make it all happen. Many businesses are now enjoying the efficiency, flexibility, access, cost-saving, and security benefits of cloud computing. There are several reasons to use an all-in-one program that runs on and can be accessed through cloud servers.

Managing multiple operations within a centralized program saves time and money. There is no new hardware or software to purchase, uninstall, and reinstall for upgrades. ERP programs are adaptable and flexible to suit a company’s specific and changing needs. There’s no need to switch between programs while multitasking. The system is also fully customizable, with a dashboard and analytics that can be configured and tailored to meet unique needs and show valuable insights.

ERP software allows for full flexibility and access control. Employees can access information and complete tasks from remote locations and in-transit. Laptops, phones, tablets, or computers can be used to access the system. People are no longer tied to being present in the office to change or access data when something suddenly springs up. Access can also be restricted if necessary. These features dramatically increase efficiency and control.

Updates to a program happen automatically on the Salesforce App Cloud, and there is no need to bring in IT personnel to troubleshoot and attempt to fix software or hardware issues related to the system. Every user has access to the newest version and the latest changes cross-company, instantly.

Programs feature real-time visibility of the whole organization, what-if modelling, recruitment tools, hiring support, and automated workflows. This increases the ability to locate, hire, and on-board the best new candidates. ERP systems like Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management (formerly known as Sage X3) can help grow your business by reducing waste and improving productivity by integrating seamless operations throughout the company.

Payroll is no longer a headache with streamlined control and processes that comply to current laws and regulations, with comprehensive reports and financial solutions. Employees can access information they need from any location they desire.

Enterprise Management Company IWI Consulting Group helps Canadian businesses and non-profits implement their new software quickly and cost-effectively. We serve businesses across Canada providing optimized operations and finance systems with performance and growth at the forefront. Our professional consulting team is dedicated to finding the specific solutions you’re looking for – plus ones you didn’t even know were possible. Our ERP consultants connect your business with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resources Management (HRMS), and IT networking services easily and seamlessly.

Implementing and using a new system is intuitive, with continued support and services from our highly-trained and experienced team who have an optimal blend of industry experience and technical expertise. Transitioning to new software like Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300) or Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management on the cloud has never been easier.