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How to Get Most Out of Your Software Consultants

Published on: Nov 20, 2019

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To effectively choose, implement and use software for your business, you need to leverage your software consultant. Make the most of your software consultant to make the overall transition as streamlined and efficient as possible. You can do this by planning and asking the right questions to get ahead.

Working with your consultants - IWI Consulting Group

Get the Best Out of Your Software Consultants

Whether you are implementing an ERP solution or CRM tool, the software consultants at IWI Consulting can help you facilitate your business’s transition when implementing and using new software.

To make the most of your software consultant, ask essential questions that your consultant can answer with the unique needs of your business in mind. Use these questions as a checklist of sorts for when you meet with your consultant to make sure you are on the right track to increase productivity and streamlined workflows:

How do Businesses Like Mine Use This Software?

Chances are, your consultant has already worked with a business in (or related to) your industry. This means that they will be able to vouch for the success that businesses like yours have experienced with particular ERP solutions or CRM tools. By discussing how similar companies interact with the software, you will also be able to identify the software’s features that will best benefit your business, and how to make the most of them.

How Can You Help My Team Become Familiar with This Software?

Oftentimes, softwares have intricacies that take time to identify. Software’s often have a wide variety of functions and capabilities that an individual may not know how to use – or realize are available – unless properly trained. Find out what type of support a software consultant can offer your business to help your team use the software efficiently.

Are There Any Common Roadblocks My Business May Experience Implementing This Software?

Even when you implement software properly the first time, your business may face some growing pains when transitioning to new software. Plan ahead for roadblocks by identifying the common pain points businesses may experience with specific software.

Roadblocks don’t mean that the software is not adequate; they can be functions that businesses may forget to use or common learning curves team members may experience.

After Implementation:

After covering the costs of consultation and implementation, businesses struggle to continue getting support after they start to use their new software.

The reality is that there are questions you can ask and requests you can make that will help you get the most of your software consultant after implementation:

Is There Additional Reading or Resources to Better My Understanding of a Product?

If there is a manual or online guide for the software you’ve implemented, be sure you attain it before implementation. This way, you can troubleshoot and answer a lot of your own questions!

Is There Support for My Software?

Your software may have a support line, team or forum you can use to consult when you need to fill in gaps of your knowledge about the software.

IWI Consulting Group: Software Consultants

At IWI Consulting Group, we are committed to providing a personalized service to all of our clients to ensure that your business gets the most out of its new software.

We understand the pain points SMBs experience when adapting to a new software, which is why we are committed to providing your business with the support it needs to use its software to its full potential.