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Getting the Best Out of Your ERP Business Solution

Published on: Aug 15, 2019

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Published On: August 15, 2019

Organizations often turn to enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business solutions in order to streamline their operations and increase profits. When used to their full potential, adopting an ERP system for your business can reduce time spent on menial tasks, increase the quality of your products and services, improve productivity, and overall provide your customers with a better experience.

But a number of organizations end up taking on the huge investment of adopting ERP software without really knowing how to use it to its full potential. This can lead to frustration and possibly regret over-investing in the software in the first place; in the worst-case scenario, you might even face financial loss.

That’s why there are consultants like the IWI Group who can help you get the most out of your ERP solution. Here are some of our suggestions for the planning and implementation of your new software.

1. Create Goals that Your ERP Software Should Meet

Before choosing your ERP software you should analyze your organization to get a better understanding of where it’s lacking. Choose a solution that will fill in the gaps and make up for deficiencies. For example, if you are spending too much money and too many hours on accounting, then look for a solution that includes accounting software.

2. Designate an Implementation Team

Assign an executive to be in charge of your new software’s implementation into your organization. If necessary, you could even give them a team to work with so that there are a handful of individuals whose jobs are dedicated to this task. This will ensure accountability and also give you an on-site team who can offer support to the rest of the organization.

3. Input Rules and Settings Specific to Your Business

Enterprise resource planning software is flexible and you can adjust its system settings and rules to suit your existing business practices. We can help your implementation team to identify key processes and translate them into your new software.

4. Invest in Ongoing Training

IWI Consulting Group can also provide your designated team with the ERP resources needed to plan ongoing training within the organization. Keeping your employees knowledgeable about the software they use day-to-day will ensure that everyone is using it efficiently and within established parameters.

5. Establish KPIs and Performance Metrics

In order to determine whether or not a business solution has really improved your organization, you’ll need to establish KPIs and performance metrics that will measure how well your company has done under the new infrastructure. That way you can not only see how much you’ve improved but also identify the things that still may need work.

Rest Easy with Our Professional Advice

IWI Consulting Group is a leader in ERP consulting and can provide you with anything from basic to global ERP solutions for any sized business. Contact us today if you are interested in adopting an ERP solution and want to get the most out of your experience.