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Embrace Sage ERP Software and Surrender the Spreadsheets

Published on: Dec 28, 2016

Sage 300 ERPChange is in the air with the new year. It’s time to embrace Sage ERP software and surrender the spreadsheets. If your company has recently purchased Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3) or Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300), you’re in good company. Hundreds of businesses trust these software systems for accurate, reliable data. They reduce time and effort spent on data entry and make reporting a breeze for many companies.

Yet, despite all the promise found in software like Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3) and Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300), some people cling to their spreadsheets. We love what we know, and business people are no different from the person who has always purchased a certain brand of soap or paper towels and refuses to change when the shop no longer has them in stock.

Many people forget that spreadsheets weren’t invented for the complex and often complicated reporting we force them into. It takes considerable time and effort to key data into the spreadsheet, set up charts and graphs, and run them accurately. Tracking down a mistake in a spreadsheet that leads to an erroneous graph can take a long time. Spreadsheets, while they have their place, have significant limitations.

These three tips will help your company transition from spreadsheets into the new and wonderful world of Sage ERP software. If 2017 is the year your company plans to take a great leap forward into the world of automated data and reporting, you’ll find these tips helpful.

Three Tips to Leverage ERP to Make Your Work Life Easier

  1. Be inclusive during the information-gathering stage: You’ll need more than your IT people at the table during the information gathering and requirements stage. Make sure to include everyone from the company who will be using the ERP system. The more people you can include during the development stage, the more invested they will be in the successful implementation of the system later. Those who see value and benefit in the Sage ERP software from the beginning are the ones who will become your internal champions and help others use the system later on
  2. Do internal marketing: Internal marketing means spreading the word inside the company that an ERP system is a good thing to add to the workplace. Get people on board. Share information and make sure that the ERP selection and implementation aren’t a secret. The more you can market and promote the new system inside your company, the more excited people will be to welcome it when it is finally rolled out.
  3. Train early and often: It’s not enough to get people excited about the new system. They must learn how to use it. Schedule training sessions early in the process and repeat training sessions often to ensure that people learn the basics. Add times to the workday when experienced trainers will be available to answer questions or assist with work-related projects. Delegating one person the “ERP expert” and sending them for advanced training is another great strategy. You’ll have someone within the company ready and eager to help their coworkers with Sage ERP software questions, problems, and projects.

Vendors Are a Great Source of Help

IWI Consulting Group, a provider of Sage ERP software such as Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300) and Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3), can assist you with the implementation plan for your new ERP system. We welcome customer questions and look forward to assisting you with your ERP rollout this year! Contact IWI Consulting at 1-866-916-3851.

We’ve also put together a great whitepaper to help you with your selection of an ERP system. “Conducting a Cost-Benefit Analysis for ERP” is ideal reading if you are considering Sage ERP software.