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Why SMB’s Require Business Solutions in Today’s Environment

Published on: Oct 21, 2019

SMB Business Software

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Owning a small or medium-sized business can be extremely challenging, especially when you are lacking the same amount of resources that large organizations have. How do you compete with their ability to target larger audiences and offer services or products faster and more efficiently?

The answer lies in Enterprise Resource Planning (or ERP) business solutions that are designed to digitalize and automate your business operations for better effectiveness and efficiency. They’ve become so necessary over the years that it’s now just as important as electricity, automobiles, and the internet.

The data says it all. According to research by the Development Bank of Canada (BDC), businesses that invested in digital solutions were 62% more likely to have seen high sales growth; meanwhile, companies that failed to digitalize performed poorly, and in a quarter of cases, experienced sales loses.

More Automation, Better Insights

ERP solutions enable small and medium-sized business to build stronger customer relationships, empower their employees, and experience significant corporate growth locally and internationally. This is because when your company’s processes and information get digitized, it is easier to gather essential insights into your company that can help you manage it more productively and efficiently to meet your customer’s needs.

For example, Sage ERP financials eliminates the need to use and manage Excel spreadsheets that can cost a business a huge amount of time and money by consolidating all of your financials into one easy-to-use software program. This kind of software can also automatically create, send, and consolidate invoices, as well as auto-populate variables into your general ledger based on previous entries.

Using cloud-based technology, financial information can be accessed anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. These real-time insights are valuable to not only business owners who can use this information to make important decisions, but also to employees who have the ability to easily pull reports that can help them create strategies to provide better products and services to customers.

Personalized Customer Services

Business solutions can be used to help SMBs compete against large corporations through personalized customer service. Using ERP an SMB can use insights gathered to learn more about their customers and adjust their operations, services, products, and engagement platform to better suit their wants and needs.

More insights into your business mean more opportunities to find ways to improve and streamline operations. None of this would be possible without the help of business solutions that offer ways to digitalize your company.

Is it Time to Invest?

Are you an SMB looking to digitize your company? As ERP software experts, IWI Consulting Group can help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing the right business solution for your company.

Have you ever wondered what an ERP can do for your discrete manufacturing business or retail chain, or even for your non-profit organization? We have all the answers. Call us today if you would like to know more about what ERP solutions can do to help your SMB – no matter which industry you’re in.