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What Does Sage People Help You With? Plenty!

Published on: Jul 26, 2017

Sage PeopleSage People is a human resources management system that can transform how you manage the people at your workplace.

People are your greatest asset. The right people in place at your company can propel growth, fuel innovation, and exceed customer expectations. To attract and retain the right people, however, you need to manage benefits, payroll, job functions, and more within your company, in a way that’s beneficial to employees and time-saving for your company.

That’s where Sage People comes into the picture. It’s a flexible, fully functional human resources management system that can help you manage all of your HR functions in one place.

What Does an HRMS System Do?

HRMS systems have been around the business world for several years now. They do not take the place of your human resources department, but they can save the team in HR considerable time and effort by offering:

  • Employee Self Service: Employee Self Service refers to a system that allows employees to request time off, review their pay history, update contact information, and complete other routine tasks from a dashboard available through a web browser. Employees can access and review much of their personal information in a secure format without having to interrupt someone in the HR department for help. Information such as current salary, benefits recipients, job description, and more can all be added to an Employee Self Service portal that takes a great deal of the routine tasks off of the HR department’s plate.
  • Benefits Enrollment: Another area that often takes up considerable time is benefits enrollment. Choosing a healthcare plan, setting up a 401K plan, and other benefits can also be managed through a secure portal. Step-by-step wizards, similar to those employees are already familiar with on other popular sites, make it easy for people to step through the enrollment process.
  • Benefits Management: HRMS systems can also provide benefits management services. You can eliminate duplicate data entry, data entry errors, and other mistakes that can slow the benefits management process down.
  • Time Management: If tracking employee hours, vacation time, personal time and unused/used sick days isn’t your cup of tea, then an HRMS system may be just the thing to cure your time-tracking blues. Automating time tracking frees up an enormous amount of—you guessed it!—time for your HR team.

These are just a few things that an HRMS can do. Sage People, along with the Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3) business management system, can make a big impact in your human resources department.

Features of Sage People

Sage People offers many features that will save your company time, money, and hassle. These include:

  • HR Analytics: No more flipping through file cabinets and spreadsheets to find exactly what you need. Look up employee information, benefits, and more with the click of a mouse.
  • Payroll and comprehensive benefits management: Generate reports, define benefit eligibility criteria, track the use of various benefits packages, and more with one comprehensive benefits management package.
  • Manage time off: Accurately track and manage time off using computerized reporting systems.
  • Talent acquisition: Speed the advertising, recruitment, selection, and on-boarding of candidates using social and traditional processes.

Is It Time to Make a Change?

Human resources, like every other aspect of your manufacturing business, benefits from technology enhancement. Technology automates many aspects of our work, and human resources teams can save a great deal of time and effort by using HRMS systems. When the tedium of daily tracking is removed from their plates, your HR team can focus on finding the next talented warehouse managers, marketing directors, and more.

IWI Consulting

IWI Consulting Group helps businesses gain insights into their operations, inventory, and profitability. We provide software and support for a wide range of industries throughout Canada. Our software includes Sage products such as Sage People, a human resources management system, and Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3), a complete business management system. For more information, please visit IWI Consulting Group or contact us today.