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Are You Using Client Relationship Management Software to Improve Customer Service?

Published on: Jul 08, 2015

Client relationship management (CRM) systems were originally designed as a database capable of storing the most important client details and order information. Over the years, it has evolved into a capable system not only used to store important client records and information but to also manage marketing, sales and customer service processes. Companies around the world use CRM software on a daily basis to manage the day-to-day tasks involved in serving clients. From creating new and innovative marketing campaigns to measuring client engagement over a specific period of time, CRM software has many uses to the modern day business.

One of CRM’s most critical functions, however, lies in its ability to support the customer service department. From its moment of origin, CRM software was designed to serve as the company’s central source for important customer details: names, addresses, phone numbers, order histories, inquiries, service requests, etc. CRM is a treasure-trove of information, holding the answer to virtually any question you could ever have about your clients. It paints the picture of each client’s history with your company, allowing you to better serve and support the client now and in the future.

4 Convincing Reasons Your Customer Service Departments Needs Client Relationship Management Software

Despite its capabilities, many companies are not using CRM software for customer service. Instead, they rely on the software to streamline sales processes, attract new clients, and improve marketing strategies. The potential to boost customer service is there; many businesses simply have not yet tapped into its potential. Here are four reasons to expand your use of client relationship management software into the customer service department:

  1. Improved productivity. CRM software contains customizable dashboards that allow users to manage customer queries and support cases from a single screen. This allows customer service representatives to identify which cases are assigned to them and their order of priority. By having all of the information they need in a central location, customer service representatives can provide the kind of service your clients expect both efficiently and accurately.
  2. More useful reports and more effective decision-making. CRM software, such as Sage CRM, contains both standard and customizable reporting tools to relay important customer service metrics (such as case volume and resolution time) to managers and executives. This, in turn, will help improve the service experience.
  3. Case management will be a breeze. When support cases are properly managed, you demonstrate your commitment to superior customer service. With CRM software, customer service representatives can create support cases as soon as the client makes initial contact, whether that be in the form of an email, phone call or in-person visit. Workflows are then assigned to each case to ensure that no step is missed and the issue is resolved.

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