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Tools to Improve Business for Sage 300 Users

Published on: Nov 29, 2019
Third party tools for Sage 300  -IWI Consulting

Get More out of Your Sage 300

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One of the most significant benefits of implementing an ERP solution is the ability to customize the software. That said, some softwares integrate with more tools, and more efficiently than others.

This is why, when choosing your next ERP business solution, it’s so important to consider how well it can integrate with other systems. Sage 300, for one, is easily integrated with a variety of useful third-party tools that suit the unique needs of businesses in varying industries.

IWI Consulting Group is staffed with SAGE 300c software experts who are well versed in the various integrative tools available to Sage 300 users. By integrating the right tools with your software, your business will be able to streamline internal operations to help sales and increase productivity.

Get to know the third party tools that can integrate with Sage300 to improve your business:

XCarrier TMS Bundle

ProcessWeaver’s XCarrier TMS bundle streamlines complicated challenges commonly faced by companies in the shopping and logistics industry. The multi-modal, multi-carrier, and multi-platform solution can be integrated with both Sage 300 and Sage XS.

Avalara AvaTax

The Avalara AvaTax is an accounting-based tool that integrates with the Sage Business Cloud to help you ensure that your business is in compliance with sales tax regulations. With this tool, your business can focus on growth, achieve accurate tax calculation, and ensure that it complies with sales tax rules and rates.

Merchant QuikPAK

Optimize your business’s warehouse processes with Edisoft’s Merchant QuickPAK tool. This tool focuses on common processes in the transport and logistics industry. The Smart Process application helps manufacturers and wholesale distributors who use Sage X3 to streamline supply chain tasks and investments.


If your e-commerce business is run with Sage products like Sage300, you can benefit from integrating the software with commercebuild. This is the only eCommerce solution certified by Sage that fully integrates with both Sage300cloud and Sage X3. Businesses run with Sage products can integrate with commercebuild to capitalize on their Sage systems and extend their business logic with intelligent eCommerce.


DocLink is a tool that helps businesses to improve their document management. The tool helps businesses to automate and streamline document-based processes to save time, improve dated processes and save on costs associated with documentation like storage, mailing and more.

iVend Retail

iVend is an eCommerce, point of sale tool that helps online businesses to increase sales and streamline inventory management. The tool integrates with Sage 300cloud and Sage X3 to help companies manage their business and improve customer experience.


Paya is a tool that integrates with Sage 50cloud, Sage 100cloud, Sage 300cloud, Sage 500, and Sage X3 to optimize the systems’ existing payment features. The connected payment solution will simplify your payment processes, provide cashflow visibility in real time and more!


Make printing easy with the PrintBoss tool! This tool’s seamless integration with all Sage solutions enables businesses to print checks from multiple accounts to one blank check. This will not only save your business time and money but will also help secure your business’s check payments.

Return Material Authorizations

OrchidSystem’s Return Material Authorizations inventory tool integrates with Sage300 cloud to both authorize and manage repairs. Integrate the tool with Sage 300cloud to issue credit notes and replacement orders, return faulty products, and develop more flexible workflows.

Sage AP Automation

Replace manual data entry with Beanworks’ Sage AP Automation. The tool will streamline your business’s AP process by removing the element of human error and enabling you to approve invoice and payment details online from devices like desktops and smartphones.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI)

Tangerine Software’s SEI (Sage Enterprise Intelligence) tool integrates with SAGE ERP to provide efficient analysis and reporting that will help businesses make fast, informed decisions.
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