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Time is money: How SAGE X3 helps you save time and grow profits

Published on: Nov 17, 2014

When we speak to business owners looking for ERP software to keep their competitive edge, their first concern is the transition time from the old to the new. That concern, though, is as dated as the software of old. With the change in the way we do business today, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has also changed. Fast, efficient and intuitive, products like SAGE are testimony to this trend.

SAGE X3 is a popular and powerful ERP solution boasting an intuitive interface that cuts down the time your team requires in learning a new system.

Here is how:

  • SAGE X3 comes with hundreds of pre-configured visual processes that make it easy to run tasks.
  • SAGE X3 gives your business the adaptability of a custom designed system with pre-set parameters designed for your business, including predefined user role and process flows.
  • For SAGE X3, SAGE worked with Business Partners to give you a pre-defined implementation framework that ensures a low risk, quick to deploy ERP solution.

Great as this may sound on paper, nothing beats hearing from satisfied clients.  Alloy Polymers Inc., a market leader in the thermoplastics industry, found SAGE X3 the perfect answer to the challenge of optimizing efficiency while customizing manufacturing needs. Specializing in value-added compounding services and solutions, chemical and plastics processing companies across a broad range of industries trust Alloy Polymers to produce products that meet their unique specifications

“The company wanted a manufacturing and financial application that we could customize, that was quick to implement, and that was both scalable and the right size for our operations,” recalls Anne Robinson, director of IT at Alloy Polymers. “It needed to be cost effective to implement and to maintain. Sage SAGE X3 meets all the requirements.”

Learn more about what Alloy Polymer’s team has to say about their experience with SAGE X3 here

What are your key ERP software concerns? Let us know and we will help you work out how SAGE’s most powerful ERP solution to date can help you grow in today’s competitive market.