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Three Reasons Your Organization Needs Mobile Enterprise Software

Published on: Sep 02, 2015

Mobile devices are as commonplace in today’s technology landscape as the computer. Once a rarity that only a select few owned, mobile devices are now in the hands of most of the general public and have consequently changed the way people communicate, purchase products, and work. Mobile technology provides an instant platform on which you can virtually do anything you would do with a computer. From creating reports to checking email and your bank account, smartphones and tablets can do it all.

In the business realm, mobile technology is more than simply a convenience. It is a strategic tool used to improve business performance and gain a competitive edge. Employees are already using their mobile devices to do what work they can away from the office, so why not make it easier for them to be mobile? Mobile enterprise software can provide you and your staff with access to the same information you have in the office, so you can work when (and where) you need to work.

The Changing Business Landscape and How Mobile Enterprise Software

Today’s business landscape is changing. While software and technology has always played a small part in a business’ success, it was not always a necessity. Technology is now playing a crucial role in helping companies increase their efficiency and improve business performance in order to stay competitive in today’s global marketplace, and mobile solutions are becoming irreplaceable in the eyes of CEO’s, CFO’s, and other business leaders.

Here are three ways your organization could benefit from the adoption of mobile enterprise software:

  1. Mobile solutions improve efficiency, which in turn reduces costs.
    Mobile enterprise software provides companies with access to information and functionality on the go, allowing you and your employees to work where you may have previously not been able. Whether you are the airport, at a hotel, commuting or at an off-site meeting, mobile enterprise solutions connect you effortlessly to your ERP system so you can carry out your job responsibilities while you are on the go.
  2. Mobile solutions provide access to relevant and timely information as you need it.
    When you use mobile devices to connect to your ERP software, you and your business leaders can be made aware of emerging developments as they occur, gain visibility into the supply chain, and make important decisions faster.
  3. Mobile solutions can help companies strategically improve business performance.
    Mobile enterprise software can be used just as you use the software on your computers. Employees can update, input, and change data on their mobile devices, improving the accuracy of data entry and eliminating the time it takes to gather data out in the field and re-key it into the ERP system back at the office.

IWI Consulting offers mobile enterprise software solutions to help organizations improve their productivity, achieve total business efficiency, and remain competitive in today’s global marketplace. Mobile enterprise software is not just a technology trend that will be here today and gone tomorrow. It is the technology of the future, and if your business is not incorporating mobile technology into your business now, you are sure to fall behind your competitors sooner rather than later. You can learn more about our mobile enterprise software by visiting here.

To learn more about how mobile technology can increase your organization’s competitive edge and help you access the information you need when you need it, download our whitepaper, “Supporting Workplace Mobility with ERP.”

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