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Sage Intacct can help human resource teams overcome complexity and deliver on the promise of agile HR accounting, here’s how:

In August, we began a series looking at the use of HR software such as Sage People. Among all the departments in your company, human resources are probably the last department to use data and analytics to improve performance. It may seem cold and unkind to refer to people as data or statistics, and we would agree that you can’t reduce human beings to numbers. But you can manage your organization better if you do so with the numbers in mind; the number of new hires, vacancies, training days, and more can all help you improve how your company recruits, hires, and retains employees. The Challenge of Becoming a “People” Company People-based companies run a little differently from other companies. While the definition of a people-based company may vary depending on who you asked, the accepted definition is that a people company puts people first. People are viewed as the most valuable asset, not the land the company owns or the patents they hold or another asset. The knowledge, skills, and abilities of the workers are paramount. Even during times when it is difficult to find people with specific skill sets, a people-company typically has no problem attracting great talent. […]