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ERP systems and other integrated business systems can help improve quality control throughout the food manufacturing process. Food manufacturers, like companies who manufacture pharmaceuticals and similar products, must comply with stringent rules and regulations to ensure safety and quality of end-products. Having accurate, timely data helps ensure compliance and safety. For companies in the food manufacturing business, IWI Consulting offers a whitepaper entitled Improving Transparency in Food Manufacturing. Ways in Which ERP Benefits the Food Manufacturing Process Quality assurance professionals and quality analysts know that data fuels many of their decisions. They rely upon accurate, timely data, scientific facts, and knowledge of their industry’s laws and regulations to produce high-quality products that are safe for the public. Having accurate data is vital for food manufacturers. Data integrity, consistency, and accuracy are all improved thanks to ERP systems for food manufacturing companies. Such information can help you predict problems and take corrective measures to prevent them. Here are more ways in which ERP benefits the food manufacturing industry. Accurate data: Food manufacturing depends upon accurate data for both quality and consistency. Centralized data and careful selection of those approved to input data improve both accuracy and quality. When specific employees are responsible […]