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The Answer to the Food Manufacturing Industry’s Worries As a food and beverage manufacturer, the safety of your products should be your top concern and priority. While there are numerous regulations in place to ensure the safety of food and beverage products, food still gets contaminated, leading to costly product recalls along with process and facility overhauls. Earlier this month, we discussed how preparation is key to surviving product recalls and contamination issues. This week, we would like to expand on the idea of preparation and show you ways you can prevent contamination from the start. Food ERP software is crucial in preventing, preparing for, and responding to product recalls and food contamination issues. Designed specifically with food manufacturers in mind, food ERP software contains advanced tracking and reporting capabilities that make it easy for manufacturers to keep a close eye on every step in the manufacturing process. Here are 3 ways food manufacturing companies can use food ERP to increase food safety: The Prevention of Food Contamination Your main plan of attack when it comes to product recalls and food contamination should be prevention. If you can prevent contamination from occurring, then you do not have to spend extra […]

No matter how you feel about it, recalls are an unfortunate reality in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. Just turn on the news, and you will hear story after story about companies pulling products off the shelves due to contaminated ingredients or faulty labeling. If your company has been hit by recalls, you know the difficulty of the situation. In fact, for many food and beverage manufacturers, recalls are akin to a “state of emergency.” Though the industry produces several billion dollars a year, it is facing increasing challenges, particularly in the area of food and beverage recalls. While it is almost impossible to know when and if a recall will occur, there is something food manufacturers can do in order to safeguard their business and limit the effect of recalls on production and profit. Recalls can never be predicted, but with a little preparation ahead of time, food manufacturers can prevent recalls from significantly affecting the business. Recalls in the Food Manufacturing Industry: Why Do They Occur? Recalls can occur for a variety of reasons. While the most common reasons for recalling food and beverages is the contamination of ingredients, recalls can be attributed to something as simple […]