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When the Time Is Right for Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3) You know that your company needs a new ERP system. The existing software is slow, requiring nightly manual batch updates that bog down the entire network. Production is upset that they can’t get real-time figures. Your supply chain manager wants to know why she can’t get accurate information on where shipments are when customers are waiting for orders. It’s a headache that many manufacturers face. There are certain signs that your current ERP system no longer meets your company’s needs. Do you know what to look for to determine when the time is right to upgrade your ERP system? Some hints that it’s time to upgrade your ERP system include: Slow decision-making: Although some people may just prefer more time to consider all of their options, slow decision-making may also be a sign of an aging ERP system. If you are waiting to collect data from your system, or you need someone staff to verify the accuracy of the data that you are pulling from your system, it’s a sign that your system is outdated. Systems such as Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3) provide real-time data so […]

Have you ever felt like you’re in the middle of a tug-of-war? That’s how many inventory managers feel. On the one hand, the sales department wants you to keep plenty of products in stock in order to fill any orders that come in as quickly as possible. On the other hand, the finance and accounting departments want to control costs, and ask that you reduce inventory to the lowest possible level to keep costs contained. In the middle of all this you’re trying to keep a warehouse running. Inventory management is the fulcrum in the middle of the seesaw, the flag in the center of the tug of war rope. You’re always going to feel the pull from one side or the other. Balancing the needs of the sales team, who keep customers at the center of what they do, against the needs of the company, which tries to reduce costs, will always be part of the job. But fortunately, there are tools to help you make the most of what could become a frustrating situation. Inventory, the Biggest Asset on a Company Balance Sheet  Although you want to help the sales team keep customers happy, there’s something you know […]

Last week, we talked about the new crop of challenges that have arisen in manufacturing management and strategies to address them. (Navigate the Challenges in Manufacturing.) We saw that marketplace changes have required that your business model change to remain competitive. Now let’s look at how your enterprise software should support you in this industry transformation. Technology and market conditions are changing faster than ever. The transition from an industrial marketplace to an information-intensive one has brought dramatic changes. Decisions have become more complex with the growth in technology, increased regulations regarding safety and sustainability, the blurring of industry boundaries, and the globalization of businesses. In order to remain competitive in this changing marketplace, many manufacturers have reacted with flatter organizations that are more decentralized, enabling them to be more flexible and agile. Functions within businesses have been blurred with more collaboration and decentralization on processes and decisions. Your enterprise software should help you manage change. Your enterprise software should help you manage change rather than impede change. A big part of that response is whether your business management software can easily adapt to change and even help you adjust easily. Technology should provide you with the flexibility and adaptability […]

Many food and beverage manufacturers are getting ready to turn up the volume of production in order to satisfy growing customer demands. However, keeping tabs on high-volume SKUs, customized packaging specifications, and direct-store versus vendor-managed inventory can quickly get confusing. Deploy Sage® ERP and you can track products, customer needs, and be prepared for safety issues with efficiency and accuracy. The food and beverage industry is already fast-paced and when you have a seasonal increase in demand or a hot new product is flying off the shelves, you need to be able to respond quickly. Manual processes, including data-entry and analysis, can create delays and lead to mistakes which can hinder your ability to respond to customer demands. You need the time-saving automation that can be found in more powerful business management solutions like Sage ERP. You can manage all of your business operations from Sage ERP including financials, supply chain and inventory, manufacturing and distribution operations, and other core business processes. You and your team can enter and access information much faster with a single, centralized solution rather than multiple, disparate specialty software programs. As a result, you can access real-time data about your activities, such as inventory or […]