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While there are often key indicators that it’s time to upgrade your process manufacturing ERP solution, how do you choose a best-fit replacement? In this guide, we’ll cover five best practices for selecting new software

Over the last couple of weeks we have been discussing the benefits, challenges and reality of moving your enterprise software to a mobile platform. Just as with any business solution, mobile enterprise software requires a great deal of forethought before making the investment and implementing the software. If your company has decided to adopt mobile technology into the workplace, it is crucial to create a strategy detailing the goals and plans you have for your mobile investment. Without an effective strategy, the execution of mobile ERP applications on your mobile devices can be challenging, to say the least. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration before implementing mobile business systems, and with the right strategy, you can navigate this process seamlessly. Here are a few tips to help you develop a solid mobile business systems strategy: Check your internet connection and network reliability. Most mobile business systems rely on the Cloud to sync information effortlessly from mobile devices to the company’s main ERP system, and a strong Internet connection is a must. If your company is having trouble with connectivity, you will need to resolve these issues before implementing your mobile business systems or risk having […]

Last week we discussed all the ways mobile enterprise software can help your business gain a competitive edge and reach its business goals. This week we’d like to guide you in the next step in the process. The implementation of mobile enterprise software can be a challenge for some businesses, and we want you to be informed of the challenges beforehand so you can navigate the implementation process with ease. If you’ve done your homework and decided mobile ERP is the right choice for you, the following information can help you escape the implementation process unscathed. The Reality of Mobile Enterprise Software Implementations While the actual implementation process of mobile enterprise software is not challenging in and of itself, its implementation does brings about other challenges that your business will need to address. These challenges include: Data security and information sharing The cost associated with transitioning to a mobile workforce Using employee-owned devices Mobile devices bring endless gains, but they are not without their share of challenges. Enterprise software solutions contain a wealth of confidential information about a company and connecting employee-owned devices to company networks can put that data at risk. In order to adequately protect your company’s data, […]

Mobile devices are as commonplace in today’s technology landscape as the computer. Once a rarity that only a select few owned, mobile devices are now in the hands of most of the general public and have consequently changed the way people communicate, purchase products, and work. Mobile technology provides an instant platform on which you can virtually do anything you would do with a computer. From creating reports to checking email and your bank account, smartphones and tablets can do it all. In the business realm, mobile technology is more than simply a convenience. It is a strategic tool used to improve business performance and gain a competitive edge. Employees are already using their mobile devices to do what work they can away from the office, so why not make it easier for them to be mobile? Mobile enterprise software can provide you and your staff with access to the same information you have in the office, so you can work when (and where) you need to work. The Changing Business Landscape and How Mobile Enterprise Software Today’s business landscape is changing. While software and technology has always played a small part in a business’ success, it was not always […]

Enterprise software systems make it possible to produce reports and charts using sales, purchasing, financial, supplier, and production datasets. These can be used to compare results against industry-wide key performance indicators over time and also can lead to resolution of problems and furthering of successes. Who doesn’t want this kind of fine-tuning capability of best practices and decision making using these reports? It is likely that your company could benefit from all of this. To learn more about big data and how it can improve inventory management, visit here. Now, let’s look at tools for forecasting and analyzing that are gaining strength and helping companies to create reports and successfully use this data. Enterprise Software Tools for Analysis Inventory specialists can take data analysis functionality to a whole new level by integrating inventory optimization tools with existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300) and Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3). These enterprise software optimization systems provide graphics that can illustrate the synthesis of data from all departments. These graphics can help analyze, diagnose, and identify seasonal demand shifts, order patterns, likely stock-out dates, lost sales, excess orders, unsellable items, price reduction […]

The process of international integration, also known as globalization, is increasing by the minute. For companies large and small in Toronto, in Canada, and beyond, this can be a concern and challenge with so much pressure to keep up. Mid-sized companies are no different. They, too, feel the pressure of globalization and the increased competition that results from it yet can find many opportunities that result from a globalized business world. Regardless of the size of company that you have, price pressures and fierce competition make this a difficult task. A functional and suitable enterprise resource planning or ERP software solution, such as Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage 300) or Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3), that can keep up over the long-term can result in a greater likelihood of success. Let’s take a look at internationalization’s rewards and risks plus how your Greater Toronto Area company can find success in globalizing using ERP software. The Vast Rewards and Inherent Risks of Globalizing your Business One of your many goals as a mid-sized business should be to establish and maintain an international presence, and this comes with many benefits and potential rewards. New sales markets abroad can be tapped […]

Many challenges face today’s manufacturers, and this is true of our clients in the Greater Toronto Area as well. Internal pressures to improve automation, trade, profitability, and streamlining are difficult enough. Added pressures from economic issues and global markets, that are transforming processes and demands, make it even harder to achieve success. The benefits outweigh the challenges, though, through a streamlined, real-time, interconnected, and integrated system that leads to improved profitability and performance. To learn more, visit here. Taking it a step beyond profitability and performance is also necessary as your manufacturing firm looks to the future and strives to be creative and innovative in the constant quest for growth and development in Canada and beyond. How is this achieved? Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3) is a system that can provide the functionality and interconnectedness needed to not just survive but to thrive and grow. With an ERP system like this that is built on modern technological platforms, it can leverage service-oriented architectures and standardized protocols to deliver seamless application connectivity with hardware and software, as well as the prospect of pooling developments. It embeds technology for seamless uptake and more effective use of tools. With superior efficiency, enhanced […]

Over the past two weeks, we have taken a closer look at internal and external challenges that face manufacturers today. These include system and process challenges within a manufacturing firm and the challenges that are caused by the current economic times plus the quick and drastic change from a localized to a globalized marketplace. To learn more about these economic and global challenges, visit here. Although the challenges are vast, they are certainly not impossibilities, and success is very possible for our clients and others in Toronto and throughout Canada. This success stems from ERP system capabilities that allow for improved productivity that also add value. One such solution is Sage X3. Let’s take a closer look at what success looks like and how Sage X3 helps achieve it. There’s no doubt (based on current challenges) that manufacturers need to increase productivity and keep ahead of the competition. These can be achieved through information systems and ERP software combined to not just meet operational needs but to streamline information technology (IT) infrastructure and deliver support. This requires a switch from using a variety of management systems that have been pieced together and have varying levels of technological capability. Systems that […]

Last week, we took a look at some of the challenges facing manufacturers in an ever-changing business world and if current ERP software is up to the challenge of handling them. You can learn more by visiting here. The challenges addressed previously mainly pertained to what is going on within a manufacturing firm itself, including what we see is true for our clients in Toronto and throughout Canada, but many outside factors and general trends also create challenges for manufacturers. Let’s take a closer look at economic and global factors that also present challenges to today’s manufacturers like you. Economic Challenges: Achieving a competitive advantage as a manufacturing firm with increased quality of products and services which ends up limiting the range of products able to be offered or that can only be offered to a certain niche or narrow market based on costs Despite margins narrowing, maintaining a solid bottom line that can handle rising costs and an ever-increasing number of lower-cost manufacturers throughout the world that are now competitors Enhancing speed of response, flexibility, and efficiency in order to meet expectations brought on by customers with regards to lead-times, service quality, and commitments These economic challenges are a […]

There’s no denying that the world is changing. We live in an age where changes are occurring at such a rapid rate that it is hard to keep up. Because of the influence of technology and global markets, keeping up with it all can be difficult. The business world of Canada and beyond is faced with pressures like never before to respond to competition, to global trends, and to the ongoing evolution of business and technological practices. Have you taken time to consider these changes and the potential impact they could have on your business strategy? Have you created a plan to respond to changes and to keep up with the ongoing evolution of Information Technology and business processes? Have you figured out how you can respond to change and growth while making sure you continue to create customer and client value? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you’ll want to put some time and energy into answering these questions. After you’ve created your plan based on the questions above, you’ll need to evaluate your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to see if it can not only handle the growth and change but also foster the performance […]