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ERP systems should include capabilities for business insights, supply chain management, and customer relationship management (CRM). Research conducted by IDG and published by Sage indicates that an investment into your company’s CRM system may yield positive impacts on your business later. More Manufacturers Investing in CRM Included in the IDG survey was a question about manufacturers’ investments into customer relationship management tools. Among those surveyed, 63 percent invested in technology to help them leverage customer relationship management to increase new sales. Did it work? Fully 76 percent of those who said they invested in their CRM saw an improvement in their business, thanks to their investment. Client Relationship Manager as Part of ERP Systems A good ERP system offers useful, real-time data for decision making. One important part of decision making is customer data provided by a CRM system. A good CRM system integrates sales and marketing dashboards with financial analysis so that the profitability of each account can be measured.  Data collected from a customer relationship management system can then be used to inform decision making. You can offer your best customers a discount knowing you’ll make up the discount in volume, or you can offer other perks to […]