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ERP business solutions can help enterprises improve efficiency and streamline operations, but even ideal software can fail to deliver desired outcomes if companies don’t address key implementation issues. Here are five ways to avoid cloud ERP failure.

Cloud ERP software can help your manufacturing business cut costs and improve productivity. With so many choices available now in ERP software and delivery methods, you can add powerful productivity packages to your company without incurring the astronomical cost of adding staff and buying hardware to maintain it. For example, cloud-based ERP software adds great functionality for manufacturers without the need to purchase new hardware. IWI Consulting Group offers Sage Business Cloud, which includes Sage Intacct and Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3), to provide you with accounting, financial, and operational insights and tools that add great value to your business. Cloud ERP is creating quite a stir in the manufacturing world, opening up many new possibilities for companies worldwide. About 25% of small manufacturers use cloud-based software, while 20% are looking to expand into cloud software. Benefit 1: Lower Costs Anytime you can lower production costs, you have an opportunity to increase profits, even without raising the prices of your goods. Manufacturers are learning that cloud ERP can help lower production costs. One way in which cloud ERP can help lower costs is by providing useful data and accurate cost analysis. By combining data from various areas of […]