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If there’s only one thing you do to improve your warehouse management this year, make it barcoding. Bar codes are a simple improvement in your warehouse management process that can add great value to your bottom line. How? They make inventory management faster and easier. Three Ways Barcodes Make Your Job Easier There are probably dozens of ways that barcodes make a warehouse manager’s job easier. These three, however, are those cited by many warehouse managers worldwide. Better inventory tracking: Keeping stock levels consistent so that you can fulfill incoming orders is important, but it can be difficult to know exactly what you have in the warehouse at any given moment. Managing multiple inventory locations within a single warehouse, or multiple warehouse locations containing the same SKUs, make the job even harder. Barcodes scanned into the system enable you to check inventory in and out of warehouses, monitor stock levels, and reorder before inventory levels drop too low. It makes inventory tracking faster, easier, and more efficient. Easier receiving: Receiving is often a bottleneck in many warehouses. The press to get customer orders out the door as fast as possible sometimes results in incoming shipments backing up in the receiving […]

Increasing visibility is a critical strategy for all manufacturers, but even more so for those in food manufacturing. In our last blog, How to Improve Transparency in Food Manufacturing, we discussed the importance of transparency to food manufacturers. A vital component of transparency is supply chain visibility. Supply chain visibility means that you are able to collect and respond to information from your suppliers regardless of size or geographic location. This information includes specific data related to product orders, physical shipments, invoices, and the status of events and milestones. When done well, you will have a tight synchronization of supply and demand as well as the ability to orchestrate the flow of product, information, and funds. Visibility provides many benefits in addition to transparency. Supply chain visibility can help reduce costs and improve company performance by increasing your company’s agility and responsiveness. In order to establish supply chain visibility and see these key benefits, you will need to follow these steps. An Action Plan for Supply Chain Visibility in Food Manufacturing Establish communication: In order to gather information from your suppliers and transporters, you will need to share and adopt universal standards for barcoding and data exchange. GS1 standards will […]