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Solving for X: Seven Benefits of Sage X3 for Manufacturers

Published on: Jun 15, 2020
Sage X3 for Manufacturing - IWI Consulting

  Sage X3 for Manufacturing

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are critical for companies to unify processes at scale and deliver reliable, repeatable revenue outcomes. As noted by Forbes, however, implementation in the current, uncertain global climate is challenging — how do organizations effectively implement and deploy manufacturing ERP solutions at scale as remote work operations evolve?

Here, cloud-based manufacturing is critical: Solutions capable of enhancing control, improving compliance, increasing satisfaction and delivering top-tier support on demand. Sage X3 software for production and manufacturing can help your organization bridge the gap between productivity and potential by accounting for both current and emerging ERP requirements.

But how does Sage X3 stack up against the competition? Let’s break down seven key benefits of this cloud-based solution that can help your organization achieve optimal operational outcomes.

Exceptional Results — Seven Sage X3 Solutions

Expanding ERP markets combined with emerging cloud technologies have created a software landscape full of potential options. Depending on your needs, cost considerations and key organizational needs, it’s possible to find a best-fit cloud solution that delivers on-demand — and keeps on you on-budget.

Sage X3 offers multiple pathways for enterprises to make the most of their cloud investment with functions for everything from data modeling to production launching, decision making, process automation, change control and production scheduling.

The result? Critical benefits that set Sage manufacturing ERP options apart from the current cloud crowd, including:

  • Increased ROI — Manufacturing companies using Sage X3 ERP report increased ROI. Specifically, organizations realized 177% return on investment with total benefits of $1.7 million in cost savings over three years. It makes sense — by optimizing processes with real-time control over work order details and deeper insights into production costs, enterprises gain the transparency and control they need to reduce unnecessary spending and improve overall productivity.
  • Reduced man hoursBy streamlining administrative tasks and automating key production processes, businesses using Sage X3 can reduce total man hours spent on repetitive, error-prone activities and increase total savings. Based on a Forrester TEI framework over three years, companies reported $119,369 on average in labor savings for reporting alone.
  •  Improved complianceManufacturing compliance matters. Consumers have high standards — compliance agencies ensure your processes meet or exceed current requirements for health and safety. Sage X3 improves your compliance outcomes by delivering key product, process and inventory details on-demand. Always know exactly what’s going on inside your production facility to ensure optimal product quality while simultaneously creating an auditable trail of digital documentation to meet regulatory expectations.
  •  Faster cycle timeThe faster your cycle time from order to shipment, the better your ROI. But a single quick order isn’t enough to ensure consistently speedy cycles and drive reliable revenue. Sage X3 software for production can help you achieve 20% order to shipment cycle time along with 18% improvement to complete and on-time shipments.
  • Enhanced cost managementReduced overall costs mean increased revenue. But the sheer amount of moving parts in manufacturing facilities — from machine maintenance to staff scheduling to production demand forecasting — often conspire to frustrate cost control. Cloud-based manufacturing ERP tools from sage can help address both sides of this spending issue with 18% reduction in operational costs and 16% reduction in administrative costs.
  • Better productivityAs demand scales, your productivity must keep pace. Processes that delivered satisfactory results when production lines were at half capacity may not keep pace when demand ramps up. Best case scenario? You fall slightly behind and cycle time starts to suffer. Worst case? Customers find another supplier. Sage X3 ERP can help deliver 73% increased productivity to keep your output on-track.
  • Quicker payback periodAny ERP solution comes with investment and integration costs. The greater your savings — across labor, administration and key processes — the more quickly you’ll pay back these costs and start getting ahead. With Sage X3, organizations can expect an average breakeven period of just five months to deliver a net present value of more than $1.1 million.

Building Better Outcomes

Operational outcomes now demand ERP solutions that are just as effective at-a-distance as they are in-house. Complete, cloud-based manufacturing software deployments — such as Sage X3 — offer the functions and features your enterprise needs to both survive rapid changes currently underway across manufacturing environments and thrive in emerging production environments that prioritize speed, specificity and scale. The result? Processes and polices capable of both exceeding consumer expectations and driving sustainable ROI.

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