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Six Challenges Faced by Process Manufacturers

Published on: Mar 29, 2019
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Process manufacturers do not have the sophistication of converting back their end product into base components, but there are more complexity associated with process manufacturing. Here are the 6 challenges that process manufactures face and how an ERP  solution like Sage X3  (formerly known as Sage EM) can help solve it.

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1: Formula/Recipe management

Problem: Lack of automation can lead to slow downs when it comes to processes involving formula and recipe management, meaning that the product takes longer to get to the costumer.

Solution: Process manufacturing software can help manage all aspects of sales, stock control, and inventory management, through automated processes all using one management solution. 

2: Quality Control

Problem: Difficulty in managing quality control with efficiency, including lack of time and resources to properly perform quality checks.

Solution: EM allows companies to input quality specifications into its software for different products. The quality management application will use these specifications to send a message to the quality control staff when raw materials are received, including the product number, lot number, and warehouse location.

3: Lot Tracking and Traceability

Problem: Difficulty in keeping track of ingredients and products that are lot-controlled which is necessary for meeting company and government regulations and for warranties and quality assurance.

Solution: By adapting the right solution, companies can keep up with serialization and traceability by providing reliable information about stocks of raw materials, packaging, and finished products.

4: Production Schedule Management

Problem: Producing schedules that optimize the time of teams within the company can be difficult, especially when aiming to achieve the best efficiency.

Solution: EM uses criteria such as shifts, hours, or any other time formats that fit production cycles to improve efficiency and make labour intensive tasks easier, more efficient, and accurate.

5: Regulatory Compliance

Problem: One of the biggest challenges for manufacturers is maintaining regulatory compliance outlined by the government or other regulatory bodies.

Solution: EM can create a production system that is in line with regulatory requirements and can apply the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), which is a production and testing practice that validates all critical processes to ensure consistency and compliance.

6: Supply Chain Management

Problem: Maintaining high standards when it comes to supply chain conformity and transparency.

Solution: EM can automate different supply chain activities using scanning and barcoding, ensuring that materials and products are accounted for and providing greater visibility and insights.

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