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Sage X3 Version 11 Offers Exciting New Features

Published on: Apr 19, 2017

Sage X3Manufacturers rarely get excited about software updates. After all, software supports manufacturing but rarely takes center stage. The new Sage X3 may change how manufacturers perceive software. It’s time to get excited about Sage X3!

You can also take a virtual tour of Sage X3. IWI Consulting offers this free, virtual tour of Sage X3 — just visit us and you’ll see why manufacturers are raving about the new Sage X3.

New Integrations

One of the hallmarks of the Sage family of software is its ease of integration with other products. Sage X3 is no different, and in fact, Sage has gone the extra mile to ensure that integration with other software products is fast, easy, and smooth.

Just look at this list of integrations:

  • E-commerce: If you haven’t built an e-commerce store yet, it’s time to start. The new Sage X3 integrates easily with e-commerce platforms. You can build or customize an existing web store. The software also helps you manage pricing, inventory, and customer interactions and transactions, all as part of your typical Sage X3 core supply chain management processes and systems. It’s a great way to grow your business.
  • Production scheduler: The new production scheduler lets you graphically map out production timelines and cycles. Control lead time, manage scheduling, and more with the production scheduler integration.
  • Financial Reporting: You’re going to love the new financial reporting integration. It features Excel-based reporting capabilities and easy design with Sage Intelligence reporting. It integrates with Sage X3 financial management. You can automate reports so that they run and distribute to individuals or teams.
  • CRM: The CRM tool allows for integration between Sage X3 and Salesforce CRM, a great way to manage interactions and communications with your customers. This integration allows you to view customer orders from Sage X3 in Salesforce, giving you one seamless view of customer interactions at a glance.

Complimentary Sage X3 Solutions

Check out these great complimentary Sage X3 solutions for manufacturers:

  • Sage X3 Geode: Optimize the physical flow of goods and materials in your warehouse with Sage EM (formerly known as Sage X3) Geode. It’s a new, comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS) that can handle complex distribution models with ease.
  • Sage X3 Data Management and Analytics: Get consistent insights when you can migrate, manage, and view data from different sources. Sage X3 Data Management and Analytics offers powerful data warehouse tools that make it easy to manage your data.
  • Sage X3 Construction: You can extend Sage X3 core financial management and supply chain management features with the new Sage X3 Construction solution. It’s great for construction, real estate, and building-related businesses. Estimate time sheets, manage sub-contractors, track project financials, and examine cash flows with ease with this new addition to the Sage family.

New Features Added to Sage X3

Sage has also added two new features to the basic Sage X3 platform. These include:

  • Project management: Plan resources and materials, issue quotes, track costs and schedules, and manage all aspects of your projects with ease. The new project management feature includes the ability to analyze project profitability, so you’ll have the data at your fingertips.
  • Automated bank statements: The new Sage X3 automatically generates and matches transactions to bank statements.

Sage X3 Understands the Needs of Manufacturers

Manufacturing has its unique challenges. Planning and analyzing job costs, developing estimates, and managing your supply chain and warehouse systems is all part of the big picture of manufacturing. Fortunately, Sage X3 builds in basic features to help manufacturers run their companies effectively and efficiently.

If you haven’t tried Sage X3 before, remember to visit our website and view the free product tour. The new features of Sage X3 are available now.

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